Happy Vietnamese Woman’s Federation 20/10/2012


Happy woman's dayOn the occasion of 82 years of found Vietnamese Woman’s Federation 20/10/1930 – 20/10/2012. Vietnam Women’s Day is among several occasions on which the society show their love & respect to the Vietnamese women. On this day, roses, post cards and wishes are given to Vietnamese women to show society’s respect.

Vietnammese Women’s Day is a celebration to honor women, was held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, women in Vietnam, as well as in other parts of the world, order generic viagra many people expressed interest and honor in many forms but is most common rose, card and enclose the congratulations.

Although International Women’s Day has historical significance — a mass strike on the occasion kicked off the Russian Revolution in 1917, and the day continues to raise awareness of women’s issues the world over — the national women’s holiday has taken on special meaning in Vietnam. And yes, that significance extends past the flowers you’ll see on office desks and Facebook timelines.

From the time of the Trung sisters to the Indochina Wars, the role of women in Vietnam has long been linked to the struggle for independence. There is even an old Vietnamese saying about that: “Giac den nha dan ba phai danh” — “When the enemy is at the gate, the woman goes out fighting.”

Hai Ba Trung

Leaders of an uprising in 40CE which would establish the last Vietnamese-ruled kingdom for 500 years, the Trung sisters are the heroic archetype for women in Vietnam. In what is today northern Vietnam, they led a rebellion against the Chinese occupation after Chinese governor To Dinh killed the elder Trung’s husband, according the Complete Annals of Dai Viet. With a mostly-female army, the widow Trung Trac and her sister subjugated 65 cities on the backs of war elephants in the first year of their rule, establishing a capital in Me Linh — part of present-day Hanoi. Trung Trac named herself queen.

It took the ruling Chinese Han dynasty two years to amass an army of over 10,000 under the command of one of China’s greatest generals, Ma Yuan, ‘Queller of the Deep’. In the Chinese account, Ma Yuan killed both Trung Trac and her sister Trung Nhi. In the Vietnamese account, the sisters either committed suicide or fled to the banks of the Jin River, when their army suddenly realised “the queen was a woman and could not be victorious, and therefore scattered”.

Their female captain, Phung Thi Chinh, is often depicted fighting with a newborn in one arm and a sword in the other. As the story goes, she gave birth on the frontlines of the war, committing suicide when she saw the cause was lost.

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A Powerful Tradition

Dicey historical interpretations aside, the Trung sisters have been powerful symbols of Vietnamese independence for nearly 2,000 years. In these photos from Women’s Day in Saigon, 1960, ao dai-clad women of all ages march down modern-day Le Loi, mindful of the tradition they carry.

Vinh Tuong, herself a participant three years later, says, “The organiser borrowed the two elephants from the zoo and 20 horses from Phu Tho” — a province in northern Vietnam, the site of the Hung Kings’ ancient kingdom. “The two girl students who acted as the two hero Trung sisters were from Trung Vuong High School on Nguyen Binh Khiem” in Ho Chi Minh City, which Tuong also attended.

“20 younger girl students from the 8th grade are the Trung sisters’ soldiers,” she continues. “One of them was my sister.”

Vietnam Women’s Day is among several occasions on which the society show their love & respect to the Vietnamese women. On this day, roses, post cards and wishes are given to Vietnamese women to show society’s respect.

The initiative of the holiday was from the Vietnam Women’s Union, in commemoration of the establishment of the union on 20/10/1930.

This day (20 October each year)Vietnamese women often receive beautiful flowers, lots of gifts with the best wishes from their lovers, husbands, male colleagues, friends or relatives.

There are lots of romantic actions men do to show their love to women this day. For the couple who are loving each other, the man usually buys a beautiful bunch of flowers, a meaningful gift to give his lover and takes her to go out in the evening. For the married couples, the husband comes into the kitchen and cooks a special dinner himself for the whole family or take the family to eat out. Man is in charge of all the housework (cook, clean the house..) and woman just waits for flowers, gifts, eating and going out


Female labor force account number is not much, but with their efforts, the sisters in the company has confirmed his professional capacity and has undertaken the important position in management at companies such as Department, project management, ….