Ha Loi Temple Festival


Ha Loi Temple Festival
Time: 6th day of the first lunar month.
Place: Ha Loi Village, Me Linh Commune, Me Linh District, Vinh Phuc Province
Objects of worship: Hai Ba Trung.
Characteristics: Procession of palanquin and change palanquin, offering day cake

Every year, Ha Loi Temple opens festival on the day that Hai Ba Trung had offering flag to set up the movement in Me Linh Commune now, where Trung Trac took her throne.

Processions of the palanquins of Mrs. Trung Trac, Ms. Trung Nhi – the village’s tutelary god, Mr. Cot Tung, two white elephants, one pink horse, one white horse. In the processions, people sing and dance old song. It is said that these old songs have in Trung Sisters time to encourage soldiers. The festival has a custom of offering day cake, wrestling contest, playing human chess, swinging… and many other traditional games. The custom of changing palanquin reflects the feudal perception of hierarchy “Noi gia huynh de, ngoai quoc quan than” (it means in the family, Thi Sach was the superman authority, whereas with respect to the country at large Trung Trac was the monarch).