“Vit nau chao” and “Chuot dong chien nuoc mam” – 2 delicacies in Can Tho


Coming to Can Tho, the visitors cannot miss the soft duck meat with the featured smelling of “Chao” (the fermented tofu) or the special flavor of vole meat with green mango. Below are 2 simple dishes you should try when traveling to Can Tho.

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Vit nau chao (the duck with fermented tofu)

In addition to the duck porridge, duck salad, roasted duck, braised duck with lemon grass and fried duck with coconut water, “Vit nau chao” (duck with fermented tofu) is also a famous dish in Can Tho.

The duck to cook this dish is selected carefully. Through the preliminary processing and cut into pieces, the duck will be marinated with many spicies suchas pepper, onion, garlic, sugar and cashew oil, especially, an indispensable ingredient – Chao.

The dish includes taro, pig blood and mushroom. In some regions, the tofu is added to this dish to strengthen the flavor. Chao, in addition to being marinated with the duck, is also immersed with the broth to make the taste stronger.

Vit nau chao via Flyfood

Normally, the restaurants will serve a pot including the broth and many kinds of meat depended on the demand of the customers, as well as rice noodle and vegetables. After boiling the broth, you will boil vegetables and tofu in the pot and enjoy as the way you eat hotpot.

In Can Tho, Thanh Giao is one of the famous addresses with this dish. The price is from 150,000VND for 2 people.

The mistake of people who do not try this dish is to think that it is a boring dish with the bad smell of duck and fermented tofu. However, in fact, just try Vit nau chao in hotpot form once, you will find that this dish is not simple as you think. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Can Tho, do not miss the chance to try this dish to nnderstand why a dish with only duck and fermented tofu can attract tourists from everywhere like that.

Although you have to go to Can Tho to enjoy Vit nau chao in a true flavor, however, if you want to enjoy this dish right at your home, you can search the recipe which is shared on the internet to cook by yourself. Of course, if you want to eat the best Vit nau chao, please come to Can Tho.

Chuot dong chien nuoc mam (Fried vole with fish sauce)

Thanks to the good quality of processed vole meat, the price of vole in these markets is not cheap. One kilogram is about 60 – 80 thousand VND. Some places sell about 8 – 10 thousand VND/vole. This is also the way to kill the destructive animals to the crops, while earning more income.

Many visitors coming to the West region only hearing that the dish made from mice will be scared. However, with the local people in the west region, the vole is considered as a specialty which is processed into many dishes such as fried, baked, dried or salad ones. However, the most familiar dish maybe “Chuot dong chien nuoc mam” (Fried vole with fish sauce).

The big voles, after being caught, will be grilled briefly, cleaned and make dry. The meat after that will be marinated with many kinds of spicies and good fish sauce in about one hour and finally, fried with hot oil.

Chuot dong chien nuoc mam via Youtube

To keep the crispiness of the meat, it will be fried at a low temperature until it has a good smell and turns into yellow. It is much better if the meat is fried twice. Put another pan on the stove, add a little oil, wait for the oil to boil and add the garlic to the aromatic, then add a small amount of sugar and fish sauce into the fried meat. Cook until the meat absorbs spices and no water on the pan. The dish is well-done. At that moment, the vole meat are very rich and attractive, with a blend of garlic, sugar, fish sauce making this dish very strange.

Chuot dong chien nuoc mam will be more delicious if it is served with the green mango, salt with peper and lemon juice or tamarind fish sauce, depending on the taste of each customer.

Chuot dong chien nuoc mam is a dish that tastes a bit strong, but many customers enjoy the flavor of the food which stimulates the taste of the eaters.

This dish is quite popular in Can Tho, especially in the restaurants specializing in serving the specialties of the west region in the city center at the price of 75,000VND/plate.  

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