The traditional Vietnamese dishes on Tet holiday


The traditional Vietnamese dishes on Tet holiday are familiar foods which cannot be ignored in Tet meals of Vietnamese family.

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Banh chung

This is a unique cake with a long history in Vietnamese culinary culture. The cake which represents the ground is the cake that Prince Lang Lieu in the period of reign of 16th King Hung created to express gratitude to his father and the country.

The main ingredient in the cake is glutinous rice, emphasizing the importance of rice and nature in wet rice culture, in addition to green beans, pork, and leaves. The cake is very fragrant and eye-catching with the blue green color of the leaves.

Referring to banh chung is a reference to a traditional food with very bold national cultural identity.

Banh chung via Phat thanh va truyen hinh Nghe An

Gio lua (Pork pie)

Known as a both popular and luxurious food, Gio lua (Pork pie) is a regular dish appears in the meals of Vietnamese family. Traditional pork pie is made from 3 main ingredients: lean meat combined with delicious fish sauce then wrapped in green banana leaves and boiled.

Gio lua via Nguyen Ha Food

Steamed sticky rice

Xoi or steamed sticky rice is a very popular dish in the life of people sharing the culture of wet rice. The main materials are agricultural products such as rice, beans and peanuts.

The sticky rice is usually hot and the cooked rice is fragrant but not crushed to be standard. During the Tet holidays, people prefer to use Xoi gac (the steamed sticky rice with Gac fruit). According to Asian cultures in general, the red color brings luck. When cooked together with gac, it will give a beautiful natural red color. Vietnamese people think that the red from Xoi gac will make them meet more luck in the new year.

Steamed sticky rice via Youtube

Boiled chicken

Not as sophisticated or stylish but boiled chicken is a very popular dish in the party whether large or small. The boiled chicken is an indispensable dish in the tray of rice offerings Vietnamese ancestors on New Year.

Boiled chicken via

Spring rolls

The crispy spring roll with sweet and sour fish sauce is a delicious dish which is loved by more and more foreign guests. It is not difficult to make spring rolls. The indispensable ingredients are minced pork, chicken eggs or duck eggs, some bulbs such as kohlrabi, carrots along with vermicelli, wood ear … Mix all the above ingredients with a little spice then wrap them with rice paper and fry until it turns into yellow color. Spring rolls are very special dish in the Tet meals of Vietnamese people.

Spring rolls via Tap chi dien tu the gioi di san

Dua hanh (Pickled onions)

This is a popular dish on New Year’s Day. First of all, you need to choose the type of old onions with strong roots and then cut off the tail just leave the root. After that, soak in the ash during 2 days 2 nights. Next, dry the onion, remove the roots, peel only about 5cm left and then put into the pan, spread salt, put a layer of thin cane, then layer onions with bamboo blades. After 2 weeks, you can put onion into glass bottle and then add boiled sugar vinegar into it. After about 3 days, it is eatable.

Dua hanh via Youtube

Braised beef with the cinnamon

Normally, this dish is prepared about 2 days before Tet. To make this dish, choose the good steak and then marinate with a little garlic, a little salt and then wrap with the bacon in the middle, tightly tie with bamboo fiber and then fried before being put into the pot to braise. Next, you can drop the beef into a pot of boiling water with some soy sauce, a little sugar and a small piece of roasted cinnamon, cook until the meat is tender and then let it cool. Remove the stalks and cut the meat into a slice. The beef is soft but not crushed. This dish is mixed between the brown color of the beef and the white color of the pork. This dish can be eaten with steamed glutinous rice or Banh chung on Tet.

Thit dong

Thit dong via Hoang Ba Hai

Thit dong is the unique dish in the northern region. It is more delicious in the cold weather of the spring. This dish is made from the bacon, sometimes chicken and the pig skin. All the ingredients are well done. After cooked, the pot is cooled in the cold weather. The surface of this dish is covered by the white color of lard. It is often served with pickled onions.

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