The simple dishes for breakfast in the western region


Having breakfast with Banh bo thot not, Banh cam or steamed corn sticky rice on the river will bring you some interesting local experience.

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Baked banana with sticky rice

The sweet taste of banana combinating with the greasy taste of coconut milk and roasted peanut create a simple dish of the western people.

The western region has many different kinds of baked banana with sticky rice and they are different from sticky rice outer shell. Some shops use the steamed sticky rice with coconut milk to make outer shell, but the best one is to cover the banana by sticky rice flour mixed with coconut milk, then wrap into the banana leaf and bake.

The cake must be turned constantly to avoid being burned. When done, the cake has a good smell. This way of processing helps the cake have a strong and delicious taste.

Baked banana with sticky rice via Kul News

Steamed corn sticky rice

If the steamed corn sticky rice has salty taste, the one in the western region has sweet taste. The corn and sticky rice are cooked with the coconut milk until the corn is soft and turned into white. When enjoyed, this dish will be added coconut, sesame salt and peanut.

The way of cooking this dish is not simple as it looks but very complicated. The corn is immersed into the clear lime water to eliminate the outer shell and make make the corn soft. After the corn is done, it will be cooked with green bean and sticky rice until this dish has a good smelling.

This sticky rice dish is sold popularly in the markets of western region or by the vendors along the streets.

Steamed corn sticky rice via JAMJA

Banh da lon

Few people know why this cake in the western region is called by a northern name like that. Banh da lon has many layers, divided separatedly into tapioca flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar and coconut milk.

Normally, the knife is not used to cut Banh da lon because it makes the cake shattered as well as the cake will be sticked into the knife. To cut the cake, the chef will use a thread to divide the cake into small pieces.

It is an easy-to-eat dish and suitable for those who want to have a simple breakfast. Each sticky and good smelling of panda leaf cake surely leaves many impressions on the first time visitors in this western region.

Banh da lon via NPFamily Recipes

Banh bo thot not

Banh bo thot not is one of the popular dishes in the western region, especially in An Giang, where many palm trees are planted. The main ingredients to make the cake are palm flour, rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk.

The flour to make this cake is made from the old palm fruits. After grinded into powder, it is immersed into the water and then mixed with the rice flour. It must be paid attention continuously from the fermentation. The cake is not soft if the flour is too dry and the cake is also not delicious if the flour is too wet.

Bite a piece of the hot cake and slowly chew, you will feel the sweert and greasy taste as well as the featured flavor of plam tree.

Banh bo thot not via Du lich gia re

Banh cong, banh cam

Banh cong, banh cam is a dish attached to the childhood of many people in the western region. In all alleys and villages, you can see the image of the women wearing conical hat with the basket of cake on the side.

Banh cam is made from the rice and glutinous rice flour. Inside is the green bean mixed with the sugar. To make cake crispier and have a good smell, some people add a little sweet potato.

Banh cong has the same ingredients with Banh cam but it is nothing inside the cake. It has a round shape so the western people often call it Banh cong. These two kinds of cake are so sweet but it maybe a good choice for breakfast.

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