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Quy Nhon Fish Rolls noodle

In Quy Nhon, the fish rolls include steamed fish rolls and fried fish rolls (fried fried also has two types: large pancakes and small balls into the pot of soup) attractive to the guests by its”gentle”, easy to eat, delicious characteristics. The fish rolls are delicious to be made from the termites or fresh anchovies… The fish fillets are puree and scraped thoroughly to make the finely chopped.

Good fish rolls are also not fishy and has the natural sweetness of fish… The broth of the dish is cooked from the bone and fish head after the fillets are used to make the fish rolls. This sweet and tasty broth is added a layer of oil with cashew nuts to have a nice color.

Bird nest (Khanh Hoa)

Bird nests have a high nutritional effect and the utility of strengthen, endurance, stimulate digestion, cure for cough, hemorrhage and dysentery. Bird Nest is round or oval shaped, semicircular, gray-white, sometimes pink or red …

How to process the nest: Soak the nest in water 3-4 hours or hot water 30 minutes to an hour. When it become soft, pick it up, add peanut oil to pick up all remained feathers, rubbish, mountain moss and other dirt in it. The bird nest can be processed into many delicious dishes such as soup or sweet soup…

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Can cake (Ninh Thuan)

Ingredients for making Can cake is rice soaked for 6 to 8 hours and then grind into powder. Can cake is made by using a large roaster, on top of it are 8-16 round holes. The body of the furnace is to hold the charcoal. Apply a layer of grease on each mold and wait then pour the powder.

The chef use a metal drill to remove the cake from the mold. When the top of the cake is spongy and dry, the rim of the cake shrinks and peels off and the cake is well done and edible. Hot cakes are served with sweet and sour fish sauce or served with raw vegetables, crispy bread.

Dropping hot pot (Binh Thuan)

The broth of the dropping hot pot is processed simply, not as sophisticated as raw materials used to eat hot pot. Just let a little tomato and chicken which is cut into small pieces and stirred with oil, add some spicies and then pour water to boil.

The diners can enjoy the hot pot drop in two ways: If you like simplicity, you can choose “dry method” to enjoy the hot pot (just put some vegetables, rice noodle, fish, meat, eggs, mixed with sauce). Another way is similar to “dry method”. The diffrence is that the fish is quickly boiled with broth. So the name of this dish also comes from this stage.

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Tam Ky chicken rice

Tam Ky (Quang Nam) is famous for the chicken rice. The normal rice and sticky rice are mixed to cook this dish. This is the special feature of this dish. The chicken is not cut by knife but teared off by hand, mixed with onion, herb and some spicies.

Hue’s cakes

Coming to the ancient capital, the tourists cannot miss the famous cakes in here. We can list some familiar cakes such as: Beo cake in small bowls, Ram it cake, Husband and wife cake, Clear dumplings, Nam cake, Beo cake and wet cake…

Banh canh ca loc

Banh canh ca loc via Du vi yeu thuong

This is a popular dish in the central region such as Hue and Quang Tri… with the main ingredients including rice flour and snakehead fish. The fish is cleaned, boiled and removed all bones, finally added some spicies and cooked well-done. The fish is good for liver and health of people in the land of sun and wind all round year.

Cao Lau

It looks similar to Quang noodle but it still has the unique features. A bowl of Cao lau includes fresh noodle, friedly dried noodle, marinated pork and the pork. The broth of Cao lau is made from the marinated pork water after boiled. It is quite sweet, strong flavor and good smelling. The vegetables served with this dish are quite simple including young cabbage and bitter vegetable.

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