The famous specialty of central Vietnam (P1)


Central Vietnam’s cuisine is rich with many famous dishes such as mussel rice, Quang noodle or fish ball noodle … Let us learn about these specialties.

>>Bun thang Hanoi – a simple dish in noble shell

Mussel rice (Thua Thien-Hue)

Mussel rice is a blend of a variety of wild foods, such as tangled banana flowers, carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, sliced Colocasia gigantea, roasted peanuts, fried pig skin. All mixed with spices make a bowl of rice mussel which is characteristic of Hue, just spicy, fleshy and sweet…

Banh bot loc nhan tom (Thua Thien Hue)

Banh bot loc is made from flour, shrimp and meat, used with sweet and sour sauce, previously is introduced by CNNGo as one of 30 delicious cakes in the world.

This is a specialty of Central Vietnam, popular in Hue and Da Nang. There are two kinds of cake: with banana leaf (steamed) and bare (boiled) cake. In the shops in Vietnam people often sell this cake together with some other types such as Beo cake, Nam cake and noodle soup… at the price of about 10,000 to 15,000VND for a plate.

Banh bot loc nhan tom via Hoc nau an

Khoai Cake (Hue)

The Khoai Cake is a mix of colors. It is the yellow of the crust of bread crumbs with a bit of turmeric powder, the white color of the round stems, the red color of shrimp, the brown color of the fresh mushrooms. The dish is also the combination between the ivory color of slices of pork or mackerel, the fresh yellow of chicken eggs, the green of the pilgrimage leaves. All wrapped in a circular cake with a small plate, when accompanied with raw vegetables.

The dipping sauce is made from soy sauce. The taste of the soup in the pan is supposedly accounted for 50% of the deliciousness of the dish. It is a combination of the salty taste of soy sauce, the fatty taste of minced anchovies, the sweetness of the sugar and the taste of roasted peanuts.

The pork rolls wrapped in rice paper (Da Nang)

The main secret of the dish is the pork which is selected from the best part of the pig. Pork is steamed to keep the delicious, sweet taste of the meat, when cut the meat pieces having fat ínide are in the standard.

Serving with this dish can not lack vegetables. In each piece, diners can feel the freshness of salads, the rich aroma of cinnamon, aromatic herbs, lettuce fish, the light taste of sliced ​​banana slices along with the strange taste of shiso …. Nem sauce is the only dipping method of pork rolls; if replaced with other dipping sauces, it will lose its flavor and characteristics.

The pork rolls wrapped in rice paper via

Quang noodle (Quang Nam)

Quang noodle is not a normal noodle dish or fried noodles, but mixed noodles. The noodles are often made from a variety of ingredients: shrimp, chicken, pork, snakehead, crab … There are vegetarian pastas for vegetarians. Depending on the requirement of the diners, there will be a bowl of noodles as well.

When you eat noodles, you cannot miss the baked rice cakes, green peppers, lemon slices, roasted peanuts and raw vegetables (mung bean, banana leaves, basil, lettuce…).

Be thui Cau Mong

The person must learn how to adjust the fire at the right time to make a good dish. Be Thui Cau Mong is served with vegetables of all kinds in the river countryside (perilla, coriander, lettuce, pickles, thin banana, basil, cinnamon, …), rolled with rice paper and fish sauce.

When coming to any local restaurant, you can order any part of the pig and any method of processing.

Be thui Cau Mong via Da Nang

Bong fish in Tra River (Quang Ngai)

Bong fish in Tra River are of various types, small yellowish-sand fishes with light yellow color, finger-sized fish, and giant guppy fish. Bong fish is cleaned, marinated with fish sauce, pepper, food coloring… for ten minutes. Then add the sauce to taste in cooking pot. Keep small fire until well done.

Don (Quang Ngai)

Don is one of the very unique, cool, nutritious, cheap and attractive dishes. Don belongs to the family mussel, the body is covered with two halves of each other but each shell is smaller than mussel.

Good food is made from don includes soup, porridge and salad. The way to eat more delicious and expensive is stirred-frying with vermicelli, rice noodles or rice paper … This is also a special dishes to invite guests. It has bold flavors homeland.

To be continued…