The famous specialties in Hai Phong (P1)


Hai Phong is famous for the red color of the phoenix flower. However, when talking about Hai Phong, we have to refer the rich cuisine of this land. Coming to Hai Phong, visitors will enter the world of delicious and stranger dishes.

>>The complex of crowed eateries in area of Truong Chinh, Dai La

If you are not a Hai Phong person who are familiar to attractive dishes in here, you should experience a culinary trip because all experiences will never make you regret.

Banh da cua

Banh da cua is nearly the most famous specialty in Hai Phong and one of the dishes making the brand of Hai Phong cuisine. The noodle has a unique brown color and a bit tough so it is not easy to soft in a long time.

Banh da cua has 2 types: dried and wet which are different from each other by adding the broth or not. This dish is served with many kinds of topping such as crab meat or mantis shrimp…

Lau cua (crab hotpot)

Hai Phong characteristic cuisine is generally at the neutral level of taste – not too spicy, not too salty, and not too sweet so that even Hai Phong food is under the Northern cuisine,

The crab hotpot, especially Lau cua dong, is very famous in Hai Phong. The most special thing is the making process which makes the hotpot in here have a unique flavor.

The broth has a strong flavor with a lot of carb. Besides many types of meat, you can enjoy the hotpot with fresh seafood which is available in Hai Phong.

In addition to the delicious taste, the crab hotpot in Hai Phong gets the attention of customers by the cheap price compared to that of other places.

Lau cua dong (crab hotpot)


You will be regret if you come to Hai Phong without enjoying seafood. The city is located near the sea so the seafood in here is also brings the unique features of this land.

Haiphong cuisine is one of the cuisines which follow the processing style of using seafood as the material platform. That is because the seafood sources of Hai Phong seas, similar to the Gulf of Tonkin, are relative abundant. Hai Phong is also famous for unique local specialities, such as Cat Hai fish sauce, red rice noodle, chili sauce… which are used to make many characteristic dishes of Haiphong. The origin of many typical dishes of Hai Phong cuisine do not have a clear historical root or unique anecdote compared to some dishes like Pho, Ninh Binh elderberry, or Nam Dinh sour meat pie with roasted milled rice…

There many places selling seafood in Hai Phong but the place in a small valley opposite to Maritime university on Lach Tray road is the most famous one.

It has a cheap price but a high quality. In addition, the owner is very enthusiastic and hospitality. If you are a group of 5-6 people, you only pay about more than 500,000VND for a meal with many kinds of seafood such as cang cu ky, oyster, mong tay and snails.

Banh mi cay (spicy bread)

Banh mi cay (spicy bread)

Hai Phong spicy bread is also too famous. Coming to Hai Phong, you have to enjoy the spicy bread and buy dozens of bread as gift for family and friends.

In Hai Phong city, there are many places selling the spicy bread. The difference among the places is not much, mainly in the pate making process. After crispy grilling, the seller will put pate into the bread and Ruoc ca (in some places) and then the bread will be dipped with chili sauce. Especially, the chili sauce accompanying to the bread is not a common chili sauce but the selfmade sauce. This sauce has a unique flavor that you cannot find in other places.

Banh duc Tau

This dish is stranger from the name to the image. However, Banh duc Tau is a familiar dish to young people in Hai Phong. A bowl of banh duc Tau includes banh duc (rice cake which is cut into small pieces), fried meat and shrimp, green papaya and fish sauce with chili and vinegar. You can decide the spicy level.     

To be continued…