The differences in the Tet dishes of the southern and northern regions


In addition to some traditional dishes, a Tet meal in the southern and northern region also has some featured dishes which express the unique culture of each region.

>>The traditional Vietnamese dishes on Tet holiday

The dishes on Tet holiday show the traditional culture of each region and contain the features of the local land. Therefore, depened on the customs and climate conditions, each region has different featured dishes expressing its own culture.

Northern region

Banh chung

Banh chung is the traditional dishes in a Tet meal. This is also the dish which makes the featured flavor of Tet holiday and cannot missed in the meals to welcome New Year of Vietnamese people.

Dua Hanh

“Thit mo, dua hanh, cau doi do” or “Fatty meats, pickled onions, red couplets” are 3 things in the traditional Tet in the northern region. Although it is a simple dish, it is very delicious and especially suitable for use with other traditional foods during Tet.

Thit dong

Thit dong is a familiar dish and it is quite featured in the northern land. This dish is the most suitable in the cold weather. It is made from pork and some other ingredients such as mushroom, wood ear to create a delicious and attractive dish on the first days of the year.

Fried spring rolls

Fried spring roll was originated from the southern region but it is also loved in the Tet meal of the northern people. With the cold weather at the beginning of the new year, this dish is enjoyed by many people.

Boiled chicken

The boiled chicken is the featured dish in any party of Vietnamese people. Although it is a simple dish, it has a good taste when served with lemon leaves. Selected chickens are usually domestic chicken which are fed by the families for the occasion of Tet. These chickens often have delicious meat and distinct taste.

The differences in the Tet dishes of the southern and northern regions via Vietravel

Pork pie

The pork pie is the specialty of Vietnam with the unique flavor being famous all over the world. For a long time, it has been a dish which cannot be missed on Tet holiday and the traditional meals in Vietnam as well.

Gio xao

Gio xao or Gio thu is made from the pork, mushroom and woodear. It is one of the favorite dishes in the northern region at the beginning of the year.

Dried bamboo shoot soup

To keep the nutricious balance and bring a diversity in the meal on Tet holiday with many greasy dishes, the northern people create a bowl of dried bamboo shoot soup or vermicelli soup with vegetables, pig bones and pig knuckle.

Stir-fried vegetables

In addition to the above traditional dishes, depended on each province and the taste of each family, the meal on Tet holiday will have some special dishes such as stir-fried vegetables or fried meat, fried sausage and steamed sticky rice.

Southern region

The Tet meal of southern people is more simple that that of northern people and cannot the following traditional dishes as follows:

Banh tet

The northern people have Banh chung and the southern people have Banh tet. They are similar to each other and one of the dishes making the traditional Tet flavor of the southern people.

Thit kho (Braised pork)

Only people from southern region can make the braised pork with a true flavor. It is also one of the traditional dishes on Tet holiday in the southern region. This dish includes the pork braised with duck eggs and coconut meat.

The differences in the Tet dishes of the southern and northern regions via chanhtuoi

Canh kho qua (Bitter melon soup)

If the northern people have the dried bamboo shoot soup, the southern people also have the bitter melon soup on Tet meal. It has the meaning of wishing all the hardships of the past year gone and for a brighter new year. It also brings a cool and new taste for Tet holiday.

Rolled rice paper

Thanks to the warm climate, the southern people often love the cool dishes such as rolled rice paper at the beginning of the new year. The rice paper is made from rice flour and often served with grilled meat, fish or shrimp and vegetables to create an attractive and nutritional balanced dish.

Cu kieu tom kho (Pickled small leeks with dried shrimp)

Being similar to the pickled onion in the northern region, the southern people love the pickled small leeks with dried shrimp. This is a simple dish but it brings a different flavor for Tet meal.

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