The complex of crowed eateries in area of Truong Chinh, Dai La

The area of Truong Chinh, Dai La in Hanoi is not a gastronomic street, but there are many famous eateries that are always busy.

1. Bun bung Ba Minh

The eatery near the intersection of Truong Chinh and Nga Tu So, is quite small with only a few sidewalk tables and some tables inside a shop selling electrical goods. It sells the only dish: Bun bung with a variety of options such as meatball, ribs, pig knuckle or tongue.
The plus point of the vermicelli here is the aromatic and sour broth. The accompany ingredients are also quite good, soft and fragrant because of mushrooms and wood ear which is fragrant and crispy. The ribs are well cooked. Vinegar is not prone to it.
A bowl of vermicelli here is an average of 25,000 VND unless you call many types of other foods, quite reasonable for breakfast, especially with free iced tea. The restaurant only sells in the morning until 9 a.m.

2. Bun oc co Nga

The restaurant is located in a small alley, quite close to Bun bung Ba Minh. Mrs Nga’s snail noodles are sold only in the morning with all kinds of snails. According to many people’s comments, the noodle broth used here are sour, spicy with true taste. Especially snail in bowl is very clean, big and crispy.
This eatery is located quite deep in the alley but every morning it attracts many guests. A bowl of vermicelli is on average of only 25,000 VND. In addition to snail vermicelli, there are also bun rieu bo or mixed type. In terms of space, the restaurant has both indoor seating and alley seating.
Bun oc co Nga

3. Steamed sticky rice wih Spicy ribs in Truong Chinh

This is a sidewalk eatery located on Truong Chinh Street, close to Nga Tu So. Although being on the sidewalk, the number of visitors here is very crowded, the reason by the spicy sticky rice with spicy sauce of the restaurant extremely delicious and unique.
The bowl here is a bit small but just enough to be full. In addition to roasted ribs with aromatic smell, there are also many kinds of meat, sausage and dogmeat as many other sticky rice eateries.
It opens from 5 pm to midnight, the price here is around 25-35,000 VND depending on the type. Especially on cool days, a bowl of sticky rice with meatballs and more spicy sauce, it is really delicious.

4. Bun dau Cay Bang in Dai La

This eatery are so crowded that visitors arrive at noon to sit on the sidewalk to eat. The noteworthy point of this restaurant is that the vermicelli dishes are extremely nice to serve the fastest processing. Tofu is fried, Sausage is layered with shrimp paste in the husband. This bustling scene makes diners especially impressive.
Bun dau Dai La is very delicious. The tofu from Mo village is very soft and fried 4 sides. When eating, the customers still feel the crispness of the shell, soft intestines, not dry. Particularly the sauce here is extremely special, whether shrimp sauce, fish sauce or soup is added to the homemade sauce to help the sauce has a very specific taste.
The only drawback of this eatery is that when you arrive at peak you will have some difficulty in parking, you can send the car at the nearby market or wait patiently for a few minutes for the staff. The eatery sells from 11am to 2pm.

5. Tuan Tau noodle soup

The noodles here are quite well known, a full bowl of crispy pork, steamed and boiled pork, eggs, liver, vegetables, chives, quite full. The broth used here has a strong taste and the amount of noodles is extremely high enough to be full.
Tuan Tau noodle soup

6. Quay nong Dai La

Quay here is made carefully. Hot Quay is very crispy but still sticky. Fish sauce is sweeter and lighter than nem sauce, but added with a little bit of cucumber, papaya, carrots and chili sauce. In addition, the restaurant here uses chili sauce to add fish sauce rather than chili sauce or tomato chili sauce as in some other restaurants.

7. Gat Gu Hotpot

The restaurant is in the top of the cheap hot pot in Hanoi with various hot pot dishes. At the restaurant, you can easily find enough hot pot such as chicken hot pot, frog hot pot and crab hot pot with average price of 150,000 to 200,000 VND / pot enough for 3 to 4 people to eat. Even the amount of food is considered generous and plentiful compared to the price.
In addition to the element of popular food, the restaurant also has the advantage of new and spacious space with private rooms for groups of more than 30 people, safe and wide parking area … Cheap Price and the large number of guests so the restaurant often out of table, especially on national holidays and weekends.

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