Southern cuisine – wild and liberal


Because of the topography and economic activities, the culture of Southern region has shaped the river’s civilization, where the main food sources are rice, fish and vegetables, including vegetables in fields and forest vegetables. From that abundance through the process of reclaiming karma, daily food and drink of the South, regardless of circumstances, lack of money or full of resources, they cannot stop exploring and creating a variety of farming methods, catching to process countless delicious dishes in a way that is adapted from local specialties.

>>Banh beo xu Hue (Hue bloating fren-shaped cake)

The characteristics of Southern cuisine

All Southern style dishes are the style of the southern river that is very wild, generous. Just simple ingredients can create a unique style for the cuisine of this land.

Southern Cuisine is unique in that it is made from its own sweet taste by the vast expanse of immense garden, the sweetness of rivers and canals in flooding season. This is the first “ingredient”, only in the delicacies of this delta, which is increasingly prosperous.

The highlight of the food in the Southern region is generous and wild. It is expressed through daily meals, through dishes made from plants and wild insects. In addition, southern cuisine is also influenced by Chinese, Cambodian, and Thai cuisines, often characterized by added sugar and / or coconut milk.

Being famous for Southern specialties are the numerous dried fish sauce (such as mam ca sac, mam bo hoc, mam ba khia). Southern cuisine also uses more saltwater and brackish seafood than the North (fish, shrimp, crab, sea snails), and is very special with wild foods which nowadays have become a specialty: rat, bat and snake…

Southern cuisine – wild and liberal

Some famous dishes

Ca loc nuong trui

Ca loc nuong trui is a proud specialty of farmers in Southern region. From the food in the leisure days in the field, grilled fish quickly become the specialty that people here use to welcome visitors. Like its rustic simplicity, southerners make this dish simple, not sophisticated. To enjoy this dish needs a little chili salt some vegetables in the garden that is enough for visitors to enjoy a delicious food.

Not only grilled dishes, fish porridge is also delicious. Besides, sour fish soup or dried fish … can make visitors ecstatic because of delicious taste.

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Ca linh bong dien dien

If you come to the west in floating season (during the period from August to November in lunar calendar), it is the time for guests to enjoy the delicious fish hotpot here. The fish hot pot í eye-catching from the color to the smelling with the sour taste of broth, besides the fatty fish with sweet fish sauce.

Not only in combination, Linh fish and Dien dien flower are mixed with other ingredients to produce the other famous dishes such as fish sour soup or salad …

Southern cuisine – wild and liberal

Salads dishes

Salads dishes are also particularly popular in the south. These are dishes that use raw ingredients or just boiled and mixed with spices. The dishes of the South are very rich, usually mixed with shrimp, meat, pork ear such as salty lotus salad shrimp, grapefruit salad, dried mango fish salad, papaya salad… Among them, sweet and sour grapefruit salad is one of the unique dishes of the South. Each of the southern provinces of Vietnam has different famous dishes. Bac Lieu, Ca Mau is famous for its salty basin which is a wild herb growing in the lowland. An Giang has a salad dish that is unique: goi sau dau.

Southern cuisine is varied and rich, not sophisticated in decorating but still attractive due to the freshness, abundance of processed ingredients that makes up the unique features in culinary culture in the Southern region.

If you have the opportunity to come here, you should try to enjoy the richness in the cuisine here, because no land in Vietnam has abundant culinary culture like this.

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