Some famous delicacies to try when going to Tomato seafood restaurant


Born 6 years ago, as a familiar brand with Hanoi seafood connoisseurs, Tomato is not only loved for the quality of fresh food, friendly service and cozy restaurant space, but also by Creativity which constantly brings the new seafood dishes.

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Crab hot pot – the dish makes Tomato brand

The weather in Hanoi is in the days are colder and colder. Nothing is better than the friends sitting around the hot pot to both eat and chat. Perhaps, Tomato Seafood is hard to miss in these frozen days. In addition to the crab hot pot and characteristic octopus hotpot at Tomato, you can also choose other fresh seafood dishes through the skillful processing of professional chefs here.

Owning two campuses in two downtown districts, Tomato Seafood attracts a large number of visitors gathered at 33 Nguyen Thi Dinh and 82 Le Van Huu. The first impression by the sign is really good to attract visitors. With the “Tomato Seafood – 100% Fresh” service, it is enough to awaken all senses from the gourmets. Known for its spacious 3-storey interior, impressive young décor, Tomato seafood restaurant is also a great hint for home parties or office parties.

The crab hot pot in Tomato seafood restaurant via Mon an

Not only Ha Thanh gourmets, crave-eaters and seafood enthusiasts also can hardly resist the delicious taste just Tomato Seafood has. The main menu of the restaurant cannot ignore the crab hot pot.

Crab meat has a sweet natural taste without any creating a special flavor. Crab hotpot is accompanied by the main vegetables that can not be replaced such as perilla, banana flower, lettuce and coriander which extremely rich and attractive.

Other fresh seafood in Tomato restaurant

It is still fresh and delicious seafood, but very different from its own processing, creating delicious dishes that are not available anywhere.

First of all, what attracts customers and adheres to Tomato Seafoods is that it is an extremely affordable option for those seafoods that are already economically viable. Whether it is gathering friends, family or business associates, diners can choose for themselves the set of food at reasonable prices in peace of mind because the quality of seafood is always fresh and delicious.

In particular, seafood is also extremely carefully selected with the highest quality that is not always available. From Ca Mau crab, Van Don oysters, geoducks or mantis shrimps from Quang Ninh, all are carefully selected and purchased directly from the fishermen of these seas, ensuring stable quality and types of best fresh goods.

What makes Tomato a hot destination for seafood gourmets is the strangest dishes that are so delicious and not available anywhere else including Ca Mau crab with Sambal sauce, the characteristic sauce found only in Tomato, created by this dilapidated restaurant, with sweet and sour taste, and the sweet aroma of chili peppers. This is considered a “must try” dishes in Tomato voted by the tour guide in Hanoi.

Oyters in Tomato seafood restaurant via Kenh 14

Next to the list of hot pot dishes that are delicious but not expensive such as kimchi seafood hot pot, octopus hot pot or Ca Mau crab hotpot. Each type has its own taste, which is also special and attractive in a separate way. You will remember this taste forever although you just try it once.

In addition, popular seafood dishes such as Thai spicy clams, spicy fried nails, roasted salt or grilled oysters, grilled oysters with cheese are delicious and difficult to resist and still remain the fresh taste of seafood.

The restaurant has the space of the town houses, extremely cozy and clean, but also often full of customers. Especially, the current program is to reserve the desk with the preference up to 20%. The delivery is also very fast and is immediately reduced to 10%. It is worthy for the meal. You are peace of mind about the quality of the food. It will be very memorable. Quickly call the hotline of the restaurant to book the table and enjoy this super attractive discount!

Tomato Seafood Restaurant – 100% fresh

– Address 1: 33 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay (Opposite 17T11 Apartment Building) – 02435566133
– Address 2: 82 Le Van Huu (near Le Van Huu – Pho Hue intersection) – 02436321577

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