Must-try specialties in the buckwheat flower season in Ha Giang


The rolled rice cake soup, Au tau porridge or Thang co is the most famous delicacies in Ha Giang.

Buckwheat flour cake

Referring to the buckwheat flower, we immediately think about the beautifully purple and pink flowers which attract tourists to visit Ha Giang every November. The buckwheat flowers is not only to see, in fact, this flower is also used as food like vegetables and its seeds after being collected and dried will be grinded into the powder to make cake.

The cake made from the buckwheat flower is sold mainly in Ha Giang markets, especially in Dong Van or Meo Vac market. The cake has a pink purple color. Before being sold, the cake will be baked carefully and then cut into small pieces. The buckwheat flour cake can be brought as a gift for friends and family because it is very unique and interesting.

Buckwheat flour cake via Doanh nghiep du lich

Dong Van rolled rice cake

Dong Van rolled tice cake is a featured dish of the rocky plateau, in addition to five-colored steamed sticky rice, Thang co and corn wine. The way of making the rolled rice cake in Dong Van is not different too much from the one in the plains: the cake is made from the rice flour, steamed into thin layers and then rolled with pork and fungus. The only thing making the attraction of Dong Van rolled rice cake is the sauce.

Local people in Dong Van in particular and in Ha Giang in general do not eat rolled rice cake with the normal fish sauce which is made from fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. Each plate of rolled rice cake in here is served with a hot bowl of the broth which is made from pig bone with green onion and chervil. Depended on the demand of the customers, they can order 1-2 pieces of pork pie to put into the broth in order to make them soaked with the sweet taste of pig bone and the good smell of green onion before enjoying.

Dong Van rolled rice cake via Vietnam Travel Magazine

Au tau porridge

Au tau porridge is a famous specialty in Ha Giang. This porridge originally is only the food to cure the cold diease of Mong ethnic people but after that, it becomes a specialty which is loved by many people. It is quite complicated to cook a pot of Au tau porridge. In addition to choose the ingredients such as pig knuckle, chicken egg, rice and sticky rice, the step consuming much time is processing Au tau.

Au tau is poisonous so it has been processed through many steps in a long time to eliminate its toxicity. If only cooking this dish in a short time, the diners may be poisoned or even die.

The highlight of Au tau porridge is the bitter taste, so it is not easy to eat for the first-time diners, but if you are familiar with this dish, you will feel it very delicious. The bowl of Au tau porridge has a brown color and good smell. The dish also has a sedative effect and cures the cold diease.

Au tau porridge via

Thang den

Thang den is a famous snack in Ha Giang. Thang den is made from Yen Minh sticky rice. Each sticky rice ball is as big as a thumb with something inside or not. The cake after being boiled will be poured with the syrup made from sugar, coconut and ginger. Finally, it is added a little roasted sesame and peanut to make it more attractive.

Holding the hot bowl of Thang den with the good smell of sticky rice, sugar, ginger, sesame and peanut, the tourits will feel cozy in the winter of Ha Giang. The simplicity and attraction of this dish make the diners trying it once never forget and want to enjoy it many other times.

Thang den via Kenh du lich

Thang co

Some people say that coming to the plateau of the north pole land in our country without enjoying Thang co and corn wine is considered as not experiencing the featured culture of the land and people in here. The main ingredients of this dish are all the organs and bones of the buffalo, cow, horse or goat. All of them are quickly stirred, then addes water and stewed in many hours at the low temperature.

Thang co cannot miss many herbal spicies as well as chili and pepper when enjoying. The greasy taste and unique flavor, Thang co is really made the tourists everywhere impressed.

Thang co via Wikipedia

Five-colored steamed sticky rice

Five-colored steamed sticky rice is the featured dish of Tay people in Ha Giang. This dish has 5 colors: white, yellow, purple, red and green, very eye-catching. It is made from a special kind of sticky rice and each color of the steamed sticky rice has its own meaning.

To create the unique color of five-colored steamed sticky rice, Tay ethnic people choose the featured fruits in the mountain to dye the sticky rice. The white color is the original color of the sticky rice; the red color is made from Gac or Red rice leaf; the green is from ginger leaf, Green rice leaf, grapefruit peel, bitter bamboo shoot, Ba soi leaf and dried Thanh nganh tree which are burned into coal and immersed into the lime water; the yellow color is from fresh turmeric and the purple color is from Black rice leaf or Sau sau leaf.

This kind of steamed sticky rice is not only eye-catching and delicious but also has a sacred meaning. It has become a famous specialty and cannot be missed in the meal at Tet holiday of ethnic groups in Ha Giang. Coming to Ha Giang, the tourists remember to try it at least once.

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