Bun thang Hanoi – a simple dish in noble shell


Bun thang has long been regarded as the noodle in “higher class” than other types of noodles in Hanoi in terms of sophistication, picky, stylish … from raw materials, the way of processing to enjoying.

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Bun Thang – a special dish in way of cooking and enjoying

Many people, when coming or returning to Hanoi, in addition to eating bun cha, bun oc, bun rieu… want to enjoy a bowl of Bun thang. Bun thang Hanoi in the eyes of these idols is something “very Hanoi”, synonymous with sophistication and the highness.

Along with the food devotees, many culinary experts and scholars agreed to lift the noodles to the “Thang Long first noodle”, the culinary elite of the noble in Ha Thanh land, can not be compared with the other noodles in market… For example, in processing, Bun thang has many ingredients, basically vermicelli, chicken, pork rolls, eggs, shrimp, radishes, shrimp sauce and herbs …

The requirements for each ingredient are also very high. The noodles must be small noodles, because thick noodles are considered raw. Chicken meat is torn by hand into small and spongy pieces, does not cut with knife. Particularly the skin is cut by knife, however, must be as small as the noodles.

Eggs for noodles must be fresh, then thinly glazed, then gently sliced by ​​knife into the “hair flying across the sky”. The pork pie is also selected carefully, so when slided, it does not break.

Radish must be aromatic, crunchy, just like the Japanese sashimi style. Shrimp sauce, lemon, fresh peppers, laksa leave, coriander … must also be fresh, delicious to be worthwhile in bowl of noodles.

Bun thang Hanoi – a simple dish in noble shell

The broth used for noodles is determined to be chicken broth rather than pig or cow bones because of rancidity. Boil grilled chicken bones with grilled onion, ginger; add a scoop of worm or shrimps for sweet and filt to clear water.

In addition, the presentation of noodle bowl is as sophisticated as the art of flower arrangement Ikebana. Steamed vermicelli over hot water and then put into a bowl, chicken meat in the middle, a pinch of eggs stacked symmetrically with a pinch of pork pie, shrimp peeled just next to radish and herbs; Lemon, Shrimp sauce and chili are mixed and poured into vegetables, then the hot broth will be poured directly into the place, more luxury, add a drop of the stem.

Not long ago, an artisan of cooking asserted, bun thang must have mold, inside divided into 5 boxes. Put the mold on the bowl of vermicelli then turn each item into each box to balance, separate as the soil subdivision and then lift the mold, then pour the broth. This is exactly bun thang because “thang” means mold.

Making bun thang is so complicated and eating bun thang also can not be dissipated. People often cook this dish at the Lunar New Year to show respect. The place to eat noodles must also be polite, elegant, with tables and chairs sitting quietly, not slamming on dusty sidewalks.

It is true that Bun thang used to be cooked on Tet is because it is a “Tet summary”. After the Tet holiday, all left foods are cooked together to create a new dish to change the taste.

Where is the best place to eat bun thang?

Only bun thang is cooked at home is the best because it is usually eaten on Tet when family reunion. Bun thang is sold everywhere in Hanoi, even famous restaurants with a lot of the guests, most of them are visitors coming to Hanoi. Here is a guide for those who like to eat the right style of Bun thang: Chicken broth can be bought in Thanh Ha alley near the Dong Xuan market in the afternoon, when the pot is boiled with dozens or hundreds of chicken so the quality is very high.

Bun thang Hanoi – a simple dish in noble shell

Chicken breast is available, just boild and tear it. Delicious pork pie is cut into small pieces. Eggs are cut as thin as you want, as long as your mouth feels that it’s egg. Shrimp whether or not it depends on cook. Phu Do noodle is sold every market, bought on the boiling water for hot. Radish is bought from the market or homemade. Boil the broth at high temperature, add spicies, put all the ingredients and noodle into a bowl and then pour the hot broth into it. A delicious bowl of bun thang is ready for you to enjoy.

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