7 famous restaurants of celebrities in Saigon


The dishes such as Bun dau, Nem chua ran and Bun oc with the northern style in the restaurants of celebrities make the customers living away from hometown satisfy because they can enjoy the featured taste of their home.

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Com moc – Vuong Thu Phuong

Located on a old department on Ton That Dam road, District 1, Com moc restaurant of top model Vuong Thu Phuong capture the heart of the diners thanks to the typical dishes of the North region such as crab rice noodle, Bun cha Hanoi, shrimp cakes, rolled rice cakes. The dishes are made by her mother so they have a true flavor. The menu is varied for guests to choose from. In addition to Nom bo kho and nem chua ran with a very good taste and affordable price, the remaining items are not special and a bit little compared to the price from 40,000 to 65,000 per serving.

The space is small and narrow with just a few tables close together so the restaurant is quite noisy, not suitable for those who want to sit for long. The disadvantage is that this apartment lacked parking space, the motorbike packing is about 10,000 VND / motorcycle. You can buy or take delivery of goods.

Com moc via Kenh 14

Rau kinh gioi – Top model Thu Hang

Ingenious in cooking, it is not surprising that Thu Hang chose restaurant as his business. Her “Rau kinh gioi” is located in the alley on Pham Hong Thai Street, District 1 – a hidden corner and hard to see but still have a fixed number of guests thanks to dishes which are meticulously processed and prepared. Fried tofu with spring onion and fish sauce, rice dishes and other food have medium taste and Nem tai la sung is quite strange to the Southern people.

This is also a familiar restaurant of many Vietnamese artists whenever craving for North food because of the wide, cool and private space. The dishes cost from 70,000 VND to 300,000 VND, of which the highest price is the hotpot.

Bun dau co Diep – Dong Hung

Bun dau co Diep via Foody

The restaurant is named after the singer’s mother, located in alleys on Bach Dang Road, Binh Thanh District but not difficult to find. In the free time, the singer also frequented the store to help his mother. The menu has few dishes but the dish has many variations: changing the green sticky rice into fried spring rolls to serve together with fried tofu, vegetables and shrimp sauce. Besides, there are also barbecue noodles and boiled pig tongue with quite good taste. The prices are also very popular. The shrimp paste and rice noodle serving costs 25,000 VND, if you order a full serving, 60,000VND is enough for two people to be full.

Bun dau co Khan – Trang Khan

As one of the pioneers to bring Bun dau mam tom into Ho Chi Minh City, Trang Khan’s restaurant has been famous for a long time. Shrimp paste has a medium taste which is loved by many customers. Fried tofu is crispy and aromatic. However, the space is small, slightly hot so sometimes the staff is not very good at all. A full portion of rice noodles, tofu, boiled meat, chips costs 65,000 VND.

Nàng’s quán – Duong Yen Ngoc

Nàng’s quán via Viendongdaily.com

Nàng’s quán does not focus on Bun dau but expands to the delicious dishes in 3 regions such as chicken rice, vermicelli and rice noodle. The owner has a tendency to paint so the dishes in the restaurant are not only delicious but also beautifully presented. Especially, in the list of more than 100 dishes of the restaurant, you will hardly miss Che khuc bach sau rieng.

Address: Nàng’s quán, 68/7 Tran Quang Khai street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

Ka Thu – Top model Xuan Thu

Loving Bun dau mam tom so when it became a hot trend, Top model Xuan Thu opened a restaurant specializing in Hanoi cuisine, called Ka Thu. As same as other owners, Xuan Thu cooks the food to serve for the customers, even plays the role as waiter and cashier.

In addition to Bun dau, the list of dishes you can enjoy in Ka Thu include hot rolled rice cake, Chao long, Nem bop la sung, Nem chua ran, Pho cuon and Apricots syrup.

Address: Bun dau Ka Thu 150/23 Nguyen Trai street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

Quang Ganh – Duc Long

Quang Ganh via Diemdensaigon.com

Quang Ganh restaurant of Duc Long has many plus points, from the space, location to high quality ingredients. In particular, Cha com of this restaurant is made from green sticky rice, not white sticky rice so it is more sticky and smoother. The tofu is made by the traditional recipe of Hung Yen. The rice noodle also has a high quality.

In addition to Bun dau, the list of dishes you can enjoy in this restaurant includes Chao long, bun gia cay and some typical drinks in the northern region such as Nuoc sau and Nuoc mo.

Address: 50 Tran Quang Dieu street, Ward 14, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

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