20 Famous specialties in Vietnam (P2)


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Bun ca ro dong

Bun ca ro dong via Bao phu nu

The perch is boiled, removed the bones, marinated then fried or made rolls to put into a bowl of noodles. The presence of crispy fried fish makes the taste incredibly attractive.

The broth of the noodle bowl is pure made from perch, not adding any pig bones. On the bowl, the fresh vegetables can also be eaten with this dish.

Crab rice noodle soup (Banh da cua Hai Phong)

Banh da cua Hai Phong via IT4GO

The crab rice noodle soup is a rustic dish that is close to the people of Hai Phong harbor. A good bowl of crab rice noodle soup must converge all five colors: pink brown of crab, dark brown of rice, green of vegetables, bright red of pepper and yellow of fried driedly onions.

Phu Ly rolled cakes with grilled pork in Ha Nam

Banh cuon cha nuong via Blog du khach

Phu Ly rolled cakes are thick and not greasy. The meat served with the rolled cakes is made from sliced pork, marinated in spices, sliced into skewers and grilled on charcoal. The sauce is made carefully and then heated. Cakes are also served with green papaya, paprika and many kinds of raw vegetables.

Bun dua in Nam Dinh

Bun dua via Triphunter

Although the noodles or Bun are also available everywhere, the noodle in Nam Dinh has a distinctive difference. The noodles are big in size, soft but firm, not sticky.

Nam Dinh noodle mixed with crab creates a sweet taste. The broth is a bit sour sauce and has the smell of crabs. Crab noodle dish is always eaten with vegetables to add flavor to the bowl of noodle.

Truong Yen mountain goat with 6 dishes in Ninh Binh

The goats in the wilderness of Ninh Binh eat a variety of natural herbs, so the meat is very delicious, stronger flavor than normal goat and has the herbal aroma.

The goat meat is processed into a lot of unique dishes: goat blood soup, fried goat meat, steamed with ginger and lemongrass, fried with lemongrass and chili, grilled goat, hot pot, goat curry and porridge. In addition, many parts of goats make special dishes: goat thighs, goat ribs, goat feet, goat belly … which are eaten with some vegatables such as dinh lang, la mo, la sung, qua sung, ngo gai, hung, que…

Com chay in Ninh Binh

This attractive dish includes rice, beef and pig heart or reins fried with vegetables like onion, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and many kinds of sauces. For delicious rice, a special type of stiky rice is used as the main ingredient. The best way to cook this dish is putting in a cast iron pot by charcoal. When the fire is out, it is necessary to bask 2 or 3 times before frying. A piece of cooked rice is served with a sauce of fish sauce, onion, Ruoc or sticky rice sauce.

Eel soup

Eel after cleansing will be stir-fried with turmeric, chilli and ground pepper. The broth is used from bones of pigs, cows, fishes and eels. Especially indispensable ingredient is Hanh tam – only in Nghe An, Ha Tinh.

Eel soup is usually served with bread or wet cake (like rolled riec cake, but not rolls and without any filling, then cut into small pieces).

Chat chat in Quang Binh

Chat chat looks like a mussel but smaller. To get Chat chat, first of all it has to be thoroughly cleaned then put into a hot boiled water pot. Especially the boiled water will be filtered to cook soup or porridge.

Chat chat is often cooked with young jackfruit and Rau lot. In addition to cooking soup or porridge, it can be a fried dish which is also very good.

Hue beef noodle in Thua Thien – Hue

With the main materials of soft white noodles and sweet broth, Bun bo Hue or Hue beef noodle brings the essence of the ancient capital. The very eye-catching colors of ingredients including the green of herb, the white of onion and the pnik of beef turn it into an attractive dish. Hue beef noodle soup is often served with many kinds of vegetables.

Beo Cake in Thua Thien Hue

The delicious Beo cake is thanks to the shrimp and the special sauce. The fish sauce is mixed with fat, sugar, garlic, chili and cooked from fresh shrimp so it is sweet and fat. When eating Beo cake, do not use chopsticks, but with bamboo stick thin as a small paddle.

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