20 Famous specialties in Vietnam (P1)


In the list of the famous specialties recognized by Vietnam Center of record book, there are Lon cap nach with 6 dishes in Lai Chau, Bun ca ro dong in southern region, Squid sausage in Quang Ninh, Don in Quang Ngai as well as Pho in Hanoi and Broken rice in Saigon.

>>Five-colored Sticky Rice of Tay Ethnic Group

“The journey of looking for Vietnames specialties 1st in 2012” carried out by Vietnam Center of record book, established a list of 50 famous specialties all over the country.

Pho in Hanoi

Pho Hanoi via Pho Ong Hung

Pho is one of the proud of Hanoians. Pho is attractive by the broth with the natural sweetness, soft Pho and sliced beef or chicken. Pho is served with many kinds of spicies such as: bean suace, pepper, lemon, fish sauce and chili… Many famous writers write about Pho such as Thach Lam, Nguyen Tuan and Vu Bang… This food can be eaten in any time of day.

Cha Ca La Vong in Hanoi

Cha ca La Vong via Restauarnts in Hanoi

Cha Ca La Vong is made from Lang fish, Nheo fish and snakehead fish. Fish fillet is marinated with turmeric powder, MSG, ginger, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, minced onion, chopped garlic, minced chili, galangal root … then put into a bamboo sticks and grilled.

Next, fried the onion for fragrant, add a little bit of green onion, dill and marinated fish sauce into oil pan to stir. Finally, fry the fish meat in a frying pan, lightly hand not to crush the fish and add spicies. Fried fish can be served with noodles, baked rice paper, shrimp paste, thinly coconut, fried peanuts and pickles.

On a cold winter’s day, it is very interesting if you sit around a warm stove and enjoy a hot fish dish along with baked rice paper, noodle and herbs… now you can enjoy this dish with both your taste and smell.

Bun cha in Hanoi

Bun Cha via Kelvin’s Travel Hanoi

Bun cha is a dish that does not require periodicity, including: grilled rolls and slices. It is made from the pork which is marinated with fish sauce, pepper and dried onions. The sauce is simply mixed with the requirement to achieve a harmonious combination of salty taste of fish sauce, sweet taste of sugar, sour taste of vinegar, and spicy taste of chili, garlic and crispy and sour green papaya and carrots. Vegetables served with Bun cha are fresh vegetables with deep taste of the North such as salads, marjoram, shiso and basil.

Bun thang in Hanoi

Bun thang via Blog Du khach

Bun thang is a sophisticated and elaborate dish so often only present in the big party of Hanoians. The broth is cooked from chicken broth and pig bones then added dried shrimps. The eggs are fried thinly, together with pork pie then cut into small pieces. Boiled chicken is teared off.  All the ingredients are very colorful. Then the dish is added Ruoc, dried radish, mushrooms, coriander, onion, green onion, shrimp paste and a little bit of Ca cuong.

Banh cuon Thanh Tri in Hanoi

Banh cuon via Vinacel

Thanh Tri rolled cakes are coated thinly with a light and cool taste. The cake is put in a basket in layers like a ladder, on the green banana leaves; the white color of the cake is very eye-catching.
The cake has a pleasant aroma, smoothness of powder, dried onions. Grabbing a piece of cake, dipping in a bowl of fish sauce, eaters will feel the harmony between the smell of soft, sweet cake mixed with the salty, sour and spicy fish sauce.

Lon cap nach with 6 dishes in Lai Chau

Lon cap nach via SBS

Lon cap nach or Lon lung is the specialty in highlands, especially Lai Chau. This kind of pig can find food in the forets by itself. The baby pig can run just after born and live with their parents in a few days. Thanks to eating the food in nature and growing slowly, it weights about 10-15kg but the meat is very delicious and can be processed into many attractive dishes.

Dried buffalo meat in Dien Bien

Dried buffalo meat via Restaurants in Hanoi

Dried buffalo meat is a food that is formed when the ethnic people kill the bufallo, if they cannot eat up all the meat, the buffalo meat is marinated and put on the kitchen for drying.

The way to make dried meat is also quite simple. The large pieces of meat are salted with typical spices such as ginger, Mac ken, gac and chili … After marinated, pieces of meat are dried, and continue to cook until dry.

Sour Pho in Lang Son

Sour Pho via Shore excursions Asia

Sour Pho is considered “variation” of people in Lang Son. Sour Pho consists of two parts: dry ingredients and the broth. When the customers order, the ingredients are put into a plate in turn: noodle, xa xiu, cucumber and then pour the broth. Next there will be peanuts, fried sweet potatoes and dried onions to top. When eating, diners can mix well or not. This dish is very suitable to eat in the hot season. However, if you eat in the cold season, noodles and the broth will be warmed up before being served to guests.

Squid sausage in Halong Bay (Quang Ninh)

Squid sausage via Cha muc Thoan

The squid sausage of Quang Ninh sea is the dish made from fresh squid. The quality of Halong squid (crispy and fresh) is also thanks to the typical processing techniques of the people in Halong City: the squid is squeezed by hand, added broken pepper and fish sauce, molded into small pieces and fried until turning into yellow color …

Tien Yen chicken in Quang Ninh

Tien Yen chicken via Vietnam travel blog

Tien Yen chicken is a hill chicken. Tien Yen chicken can process all kinds of dishes, still does not lose its characteristic flavor. However, the best dish is still processed in the simplest way: boiled. Tien Yen chicken after boiling has a very eye-catching yellow color. At first glance, it maybe greasy, but when you bite a piece, you find it brittle and sweet.

Tien Yen chicken is served with Gat Gu cake. The cake is coated with rice flour, rolled into the size of the big toe. It is clear, soft, flexible but not sticky.

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