13 Vietnamese dishes with the strangest names (P2)


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5. Che bot loc heo quay

Che is a sweet dish. Banh bot loc heo quay or Roasted pork clear dumpling is surely a salty dish. You may not believe, but the people of Hue have a wonderful way to combine these two dishes to produce Che bot loc heo quay.
As the name implies, this sweet soup has the main ingredient of Roasted pork clear dumpling which is put into ginger sugar siro like Che troi nuoc or the floating cake. The sweetness of the sugar combined with the fatty siro, the salty taste of pork in the clear dumpling is a new experience, interesting for first time visitors to the ancient capital Hue.
Almost everyone who visits Hue wants to enjoy this dish at least once. Among the many choices, the most impressive is still Che bot loc heo quay which is sweet and salty, hot and cold, with the characteristics of the ancient capital.
Gradually, Che bot loc heo quay is a dish that tourists seek to enjoy when visiting Hue. But not everyone enjoys this dish in the first time, by mixing saltiness and sweetness, meat and flour, creating a strange flavor. The sweetness of sugar is combined with greasy, salty roasted pork in clear dumpling with a unique taste of ginger.
Che bot loc heo quay via Du lich Vietnam

6. Pha lau

It is sure that not everyone knows Pha lau. This dish comes form Quang Dong, China but for a long time, it has been a familiar dish to Vietnamese.

Pha lau is a dish made from many different organs of the pig such as stomach, tounge, knuckcle and ear, through some steps of processing with many spicies such as salt, sugar, onion and garlic and stewed.

Pha lau is a favorite of people who like drinking beer or wine. In addition, it is also served with the bread as a fast and convenient food.

7. Soi mam

Among rich and unique dishes of Hau Giang cuisine, Soi mam  may be the strangest and most curious name by the special way of enjoying.

When the customers order this dish, the restaurant will serve 3-4 pebbles which is very hot and pork. The meat after being marinated with spices is put into to hot pebble to make it done. After that, the meat will be wrapped with many kinds of vegetables and dipped in the sweet and sour fish sauce. The natural sweetness of the pork is combined with the frangance of fresh vegetables and the special flavor of fish sauce in the best way which makes you cannot resist.

8. Sa bi chuong

This strange dish is another name of the familiar dish: Com tam suon bi cha. It is a typical dish of the people in the south and can be found in every corner in Saigon.

As its name, the main ingredients of this dish are rice, rib, pork with skin and sausage. In addition, the customer will order cucumber or tomato to eat with the rice.

9. Com huyet rong

It is not a familiar dish, but in fact, Gao huyet rong or Dragon blood rice is a type of rice with antioxidant and high nutritional value, very good for children and women. This is also the specialty of Dong Thap. This dish is made from the famous dragon blood rice. It is a delicious food steamed by the talent of the South chef, with a light aroma from lotus. Next to that is the hardness, characteristic of the dragon blood rice, which, according to many people, is really attractive to the diners.

Com huyet rong via Happy trade

10. Khau nhuc

This is the famous dish in the northwestern mountains. Cooking this dish is very time consuming because to ensure good humor taste, the meat must be distilled from the water while the softness of the meat still have to keep the original shape of the meat, not shredded.

11. Phu Tho ear cake

This kind of cake is named because the shape of the cake is like the ear.

12. Uoi Cake

This strange cake is a special kind of Muong Hoa Binh. The name of this cake also means love cake, pair cake, wedding cake or unity cake.

13. Gat gu cake

This is rice cake made from rice flour that looks like rice noodle. It is popular with people in Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh.

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