Useful advices for the first time traveler


This article below is belonged to Nomadic Matt who is a travel blogger having gone to many different countries about interesting and useful advices for new traveler not only in Vietnam but also in other countries.

>>Travel tips of Bristish tourirts in Vietnam

According to Nomadic Matt, “Being hopeful, scared and excited is the feeling when I have travelled at the first time. When I started my journey, I completely did not know what is waiting for me and no one shared any experience with me. Therefore, below are 12 useful tips I want to share with you”

Don’t be scared

If it is the first time you travel, you may be feel sacred ad worry. However, nothing is scary because you are not the first person traveling in the world. In addition, you don’t travel with the aim of adventuring or discovering new continents or lands.

The travel trip with the old roads which are travelled by hundreds people in every year. They can do it so you also can do it.

Do not be too depended on the guide book

Of course the guide book will give you an overview of the destinations you go. However, the tourist attractions or the restaurant in these books have been discoveried by many tourists and sometimes the information in these books may be too old.

Therefore, the best way to find out a new land is asking the local people or the guide in your hotel.

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Enjoy your trip

With a time limitation in your holiday, you can image that you have only 20 days off and you have to travel in 20 different countries so what you will feel in these trips or you just go to take photos and update your Facebook. These trips will remain nothing on you.

Do not be hurry up in your trips. Please enjoy your trips and spend time to discover the culture of where you visit.

Ask the contact information of people you meet on the way

In the trip, you can meet some interesting people and maybe, they will be my best friends in the future. Therefore, when you meet the people like that, don’t be scrupulous of asking their Facebook or email. These are the means to keep contact with them after the trip.

Don’t bring too much clothing and personal belongings

Remember that you are traveling, not moving house or in a fashion show. Therefore you should bring the necessary things for your trips.

Bring your mobile phone

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On the way of discovering new land, you may have some new friends. Of course, you can ask them for their Facebook and email which are the convenient ways to keep contact, however, it is not a good idea for people who have to move continuously. The cheap phones and SIMs are available all over the world. Therefore you should bring your phone to cantact immediately with your new friends.

Be flexible in planning your trip

You planned a trip and wanted to carry out like this. However, your time budget is too little while you plans are very much. Surely, you will be hurry and cannot enjoy all the beauty of your destinations.

Therefore you should be flexible in planning your trip. In each day, you may make a plan for one or two activites and the rest tiem is emtpy. After that, you can use this time to discover and do what you want.

Spend more money in your trip

Traveling is not as expensive as you image. In Asia, the cost for a day will be about 15$ and in Europe, it will be 40$. However, maybe some incurred costs maybe appear in your trip. Sometimes, you cannot know in advance the changes in your trip, therefore you should bring more money you need for your trip.

Don’t too shamed

 If you are a introverted person and not enough brave to talk with strangers but you should remember that the people around you are the tourists like you, so you just have to say “Hello” and maybe you will change everthing. In each trip, all people want to have new friends therefore please open your mind to have more friends after your trips.

Be adventurous

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If you are afraid of the height, do not like sports and are not brave to try some horror dishes… coming to a new land, why don’t you accept the risks and try some new things? It will be great and surely these experiences will make you more confident after your trip.

You are not bound to your travel

If you hate traveling and feel nothing fun during your trip, you should stop and relax. You can spend some days in the town or city you like to relax. If you still hate traveling, remember that you can go home any time you cannot find the excitement in your trip any more.

You are not alone

Anywhere you come will have the tourists like you. They will give you some useful advices. Although you are traveling by yourself, remember that you are not alone. Therefore, please have a deep breath and make a plan for your trip then start it immediately when you have the opportunity.

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