Traveling in Binh Ba – What to do?


Binh Ba recently has become an emerging destination. It get highly appreciated so many tourists are eager to come here.

>>Things to know before traveling in Binh Ba

What to eat in Binh Ba

Binh Ba is famous for fresh lobsters and seafood so the tourists should not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood dishes in here. You can ask the tour operator in order to enjoy these dishes while take a boat to the beaches. There are 2 types of lobsters in here: Star lobster (400,000 – 600,000VND/kg) and Green lobster (1,400,000 – 1,800,000VND/kg). The price of lobster will be changed in days and seasons but surely 30% to 50% cheaper than other places.

However, you should not eat too much until the dinner. You can organize a party with friends or go to the market to choose fresh seafood and have your own seafood buffet. At 4-5 p.m, you can buy seafood in the port area where sella many kinds of shrimps and fishes.

There are many types of seafoods for you to choose from lobsters, green shrimps, fishes, snails, sea cucumbers, oyster and squid… so you should ask the price, choose the suitable dishes and then require the restaurant to cook. You can eat at the restaurant or bring the food to Nom beach in order to both eat and watch the sea. The only thing you have to do is choosing the mót suitable place to organize your party.

Lobsters in Binh Ba

Besides, there are many other delicious dishes at the price of 10,000-20,000VND. You also can ask the hostel owner to prepare the meal for you but the price is very high (80,000-90,000VND) and the quality is not high.

In the early morning, from 5:30 to 7:00, there will be a market in the wharf. The ships going fishing and catching squid come back so the seafood they caught are sold in there, mainly fish and squid at the cheap price. If you want to buy other kind of fish, especially, Bop fish, you have to wait until 8:00. Commonly, before leaving Binh Ba in the morning, the tourists come to the market in order to buy fresh seafood then pack into box to bring home. You are completely assured because the cooler are available and the sellers are willing to help you keep your fishes into ices.

Where to go

In the morning:

Swimming and watching coral reefs

One of the things to do should not missed in binh Ba is renting a boat to go to the beaches and dive for coral reef watching. The package boat price to almost of the beaches is 1 – 1.2 million VND/boat so if you are a big group, you can save much money. In addition, you don’t have to dive to see the coral reef. You just wear the life jacket and lie on float, face down to the sea. Therefore, you are not afraid of being not able to swim. Besides, you should bring your swimming glasses because the diving glasses maybe make you feel uncomfortable.

Even, to see the coral reefs, you don’t have to touch the sea water because, sometimes in Nha Cu beach when the tide is very low, the colorful coral reefs will shine in the sunlight. You are free to enjoy it.

There are many beaches in here but 7 beaches in which are more popular with 3 beaches you can go by motorbike: Nom beach, Chuong beach and Nha Cu beach.

  • Nom beach: it is a very large sandbank and reef in some places. The majority of local people and tourists like this place because it is very clean and clear.
  • Chuong beach: 30 minutes walk from the wharf. This is the only beach on the island you can see the sunrise.
  • Nha Cu beach: there are many echinuses in here so you should be careful when swimming. However, it can be said that it is one of the most wonderful beaches thanks to its clear and clean seawater.

Therefore, if you have a lot of time, you should rent boat to go to 4 remaining beaches because of the following reasons: first of all, the price will decrease (about 600,000VND); second, you will have more time for swimming and watching the coral reefs in each place. Remember to ask for equipment (Life jackets, buoys, diving glasses) and a guide to see the most beautiful corals.

Besides, meals on board services are available (you can contact with tour operator and hostels near the wharf on Binh Ba island or aks any local people in here)

Traveling in Binh Ba

Renting a motorbike to discover the island

After swimming and watching the coral reefs, another interesting activity is renting a motorbike to discover the island. The price of this service is 100,000VND/day. It is easy for you to rent a motorbike in here because this service is available in all hostels.

You should start in the early morning so as to see the sunrise in Chuong beach and discover the pass roads in the mountain. There are many places with beautiful views, especially 3 highest points in North, South and East. You will have the opportunity to see the overview of Cam Ranh bay, Turtle island, Coastal patrol boats, small fishing boats or a panoramic residential area of the island.  

In addition, the old ruins such as bunkers, cannons, mountain tunnels … are also worth to visit.
In Nom beach there is a small park planted with many trees, near a place for the hammock renting. A nice lunch break, swinging with the waves and the sea wind is really cool. The price for a rental hammock is only 5,000VND, worth to try!   

In the evening

The first interesting activity you should try is Cong catching. The beaches with no human around Binh Ba island have many Cong. You can use a flashlight to catch them in the evening. Especially, you can enjoy delicious fried Cong after that.

In the evening, if you go in group, you can contact with Mr. Tung Rau (0969 819 797) to organize seafood party and karaoke on the beach.

Another interesting activity is shrimp and squid fishing by contacting with the boat owner. Some tour operators also organize this activity or you can ask any local people in the island.  

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