Travel tips of Bristish tourirts in Vietnam

Many British tourists escaped the noise of Hanoi by taking a train to Sa Pa. Below are their travel experiences travel in Vietnam.The small and beautiful Vietnam has left an unforgettable impression on many English travelers. After traveling in Vietnam, they often recount experiences and give advice to followers. Here are some useful and practical tips that we comsume.

Journey from north to south

You can “escape” from the crowded, noisy Hanoi by buying night train tickets to Sa Pa – peaceful mountain of Vietnam. The train is slow and noisy, so you should wear a ear cover for good sleep. If you go to the group, remember to buy a berth ticket. Each cabin has only 4 beds with warm blanket, soft cushion, very suitable for resting. Ticket price for each berth seat is also not expensive.

Sapa via Smile travel

Sa Pa is an ideal and attractive destination, especially in January and February – Sa Pa has a beautiful weather. Another reason many foreigners prefer to go to Sa Pa at the beginning of the year is to avoid traditional Lunar New Year – holiday only for Vietnamese families.

For Europeans, it is best to travel in the North to enjoy the winter cold then move to the south to welcome the sun warmth. So you can book yourself a tour to the South to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, travel on the Mekong river, end your trip with scuba diving and swimming in Phu Quoc for a few days.


I still think Vietnam trip is the most exciting holiday I have ever had. My journey starts from Hanoi and along the length of the country. In two weeks, I have witnessed two interesting moments: the people plant rice in the North and harvest in the South.
Hanoi is rustic, casual and very cheerful. They led us around the city on bicycles. HCMC is a modern place with many colors. But be careful with pickpockets – it really exists.

Be carefull to avoid pickpockets via Lam cha me

A cool Da Nang

If you come to Vietnam, do not miss the opportunity to visit Hoi An with the beautiful wooden houses. When we arrived at the hotel, they greeted us with cold towels and drinks before leading us to cool rooms with balconies overlooking the tops of trees.

A lunch here costs about $6. Remember to enjoy the coffee at a riverside bistro and delectable 5-dish meals for about $ 10. Guests can also rent bicycles and explore this dream city for $1.

Perfectly beautiful scenes

A pagoda in Ho Chi Minh city via Gray Line Vietnam

My advice to visitors coming to Ho Chi Minh City is to go to the Rex Hotel in the evening and join the famous bar on the terrace. This bar has been listed by foreign media as “The best bar in Southeast Asia”. This is also an interesting place for tourists to view Ho Chi Minh City from above and enjoy a fine drink.

Going to My Tho

Leaving the busy city of Ho Chi Minh City, you should book a tour to My Tho and Mekong Delta. This is the most comfortable and leisurely way to visit Vietnam. The dry season is the best time to come here because there are not many mosquitoes. The food here is also very good and the staffs are very attentive.

The landscape here is constantly changing, from mangroves to temples to explore on the way. You can take part in floating river tours, enjoy home-made specialties and drink the snake wine.

My Tho via Giang Nam tourist

Riding a motorbike

Traveling in Vietnam on a motorcycle may not be a good idea for many people, but to me it is the best trip of my life. On the first night in Ho Chi Minh City, I met my Norwegian companion. In the next night, I bought Max – a Win 100 motorbike to prepare for my next 3-week trip.

Our first challenge was to drive safely out of Ho Chi Minh City. When we arrived in Mui Ne, the feeling of freedom and joy caused us to clear up all our worries. We saw white and red sand hills in Mui Ne, My Son ruins and exotic caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang and Halong Bay …

As we passed through the land, there were children running from the village just to wave and greet us. Local people are also very hospitable when they invite us to drink coffee or eat beef noodle soup.

Vietnam is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries I’ve ever been to and traveled by motorbike.

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