Top 4 best pupa hotels in Vietnam


Capsule Hotel” is a low-cost hotel model in Japan. As its name (“capsule” means: closed chamber, closed box, empty chamber), the hotel is truly unique with its dormitory-style.

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1. Hong Kong Kaiteki Hotel in Saigon

Capsule Hotel, also known as a pupa hotel, is a cheap hotel model originating from Japan. This type of hotel is not strange in foreign countries, but in Vietnam, Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel on Bui Vien Street surprised many young people want to explore this interesting form of hotel.

As the name, the hotel room looks like a cocoon with the area of 2m2 (2m long, 1m wide) and 1.2m high, just enough for an adult. Launched in 1979, this type of hotel immediately has been developed in many countries around the world because of its usability for the tourist. However, in Vietnam this type is very new.

The Kaiteki Hotel on Bui Vien Street has a relatively small area of about 60 square meters, six storeys (ground floor has been used as reception hall), but can accommodate up to 100 guests with 60 bedrooms.

It is the cheapest pupa hotel in Vietnam but the quality is not inferior to other places. Typically in Malaysia, a pupa bedroom costs 10-15 USD, Thailand is 10-20 USD, and in Japan a pupa room costs 20-50 USD.

Kaiteki hotel

This type of hotel is extremely suitable for “backpackers” who need a comfortable full facilities from TV, WiFi, air conditioning to headphone so that you can watch TV, listen to music without spending a lot of money. It is known that all the chickens here are imported from abroad. In addition to the pupa bedroom, guests also receive a luggage locker that uses a cryptex key and is large enough to accommodate large suitcases.

Tourists visit the hotel for only one reason: cheap. The price for a single-use capsule at the Kaiteki Hotel is only $ 6 per night (about 130,000 VND), while the VIP room is only $ 7 per night (about 150,000 VND) with similar amenities but a nicer location.

The pupa hotel even attracts the female guests because the hotel occupies one floor for women and this floor is always crowded. In addition, the hotel also has the clean hotel rooms for couples cheaper than other hotels in the center of Saigon.

Address: 2 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC

2. The Circle Vietnam Hostel

The Circle Vietnam hostel has recently opened in Da Lat and received much attention from young people. Built in a rather unique style, it uses round tube shapes to create rooms and decorations in different colors. This View hostel is super cool overlooking the valley and pine hill. Where you can enjoy an afternoon watching the last rays of sun falling into the valley or you can set fire to camp with friends in nature.

The location is very close to the city center: 5 minutes to Dalat market, 3 minutes to Phuong Trang intercity bus / cable car, 15 minutes to Tuyen Lam lake tourist area.

The Circle Vietnam hostel

One room is quite suitable for young travelers, only from 100,000 VND per person. Specifically, if you live in a single room, the price will be 200,000 VND / night. If two people in one room, the room rate will be 250,000 VND / night, 3 people one room will cost 300,000 VND / night.

The rooms have the same area and each room only includes a small bed with mattress covers and shelves for shoes and bags …
Because of this type of tubular design, there is not much space to set up a toilet in the room, so the hostel has an outside toilet, very close to the rooms. The toilets are divided into separate toilets and bathrooms, equipped with hot water machines to suit the climate of Da Lat.

The hostel is located on a small hill, with a nice view. From your room, you can see pine forests, residential areas or terraced gardens and orchards. Because the hills are very high so in the early morning, you can see the smog covered the valley below. 

Since its inception, the hostel has been supported by quite a lot of people asking for information and reservations, especially at the weekend, the hostel is always out of rooms. If you want to experience this hostel, you must book at least one week in advance.

3. Coto Eco Lodge on Co To Island

About 6 km from town center, Coto Eco Lodge is a newly built resort with 18 bungalows facing the sea. The apartments are located on Hong Van beach, using environmentally friendly materials with different style so it is also called “duck tent”.

At the beach there is a service area, serving main meals for 150,000 VND per person or more. From here, you can rent a motorbike (200,000VND/day) including gasoline to visit other tourist destinations such as Lighthouse, Van Chay beach, Cau My rock area; walk around the fishing villages nearby… or rent a boat to visit Co To Island and scuba diving for sightseeing at a cost of about 600,000 – 1.2 millionVND (depending on destination).

The duck tents are suitable for a large group or couples. A duck hut is small but enough for four people of a family (including parents and 2 children).

Address: Hong Van Beach, Hong Hai Village, Dong Tien Commune, Co To, Quang Ninh.

Coto Eco Lodge

4. Asia Home Hotel in Nha Trang

This is good news for travelers who are passionate about the famous “pupa” hotel in Japan and Hong Kong. About a month, Asia Home Hotel located right in the “grilled rolls” street in Nha Trang has become an extremely ideal destination for travelers who love to travel in Nha Trang. More recently, the images and information of this hotel is shared by many netizens, because this is the first “bee” hotel – also known as the “capsule hotel” in Nha Trang.

“Capsule hotel” is a low-cost hotel model in Japan. As its name (“capsule” means: closed chamber, closed box, empty chamber), the hotel is truly unique with its dormitory-style. When viewed from a distance, many rooms are stacked, consecutively looking very similar to the pupa so not difficult to understand when the majority of tourists call it with the name of the hotel is a “pupa hotel”.

The area is only 2 square meters per room, but inside each room is fully equipped with necessary furniture such as flat screen TV, personal safe box, shelves, and all necessary plug types. These devices are completely enough space for one person in the comfortable and cozy sleeping area.

Especially every day there will be staff to clean your bed so it should be quite comfortable and clean. Because each person has only one room, of course the toilet and bathroom are shared. According to the feedback of the guests staying here, they do not feel bothered by this, because it must be really the capsule hotel.

Currently, the cost of a “pupa” room is $ 8 (170k) per night. At this price, it is completely friendly and reasonable for a comfortable and new hotel that is right in the heart of this coastal city.

Capsule Hotel here has a total of 56 beds (36 horizontal beds and 20 vertical beds including: 1 TV, 1 mini safe box, 1 separate closet, WIFI, common toilet, Self-catering for 1 room.)

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