Top 3 Online Hotel Booking Systems in Vietnam

Currently, many travelers are gradually familiar with the online information search, air tickets booking and hotel booking… Now, each trip is much simpler when visitors can view all the information through the online room booking websites. When booking hotel online, guests also get a discount of 10% or more or sometimes up to 70% during promotions or low season. In addition, guests will be assisted to choose the right room or quickly solve the cases arise such as changing the date of check-in, changing room type, even cancelling the room. The Reliability as top priority to bring safety and quality to visitors is the criterion of operation of these networks.
The “mission” of the customer is to select the prestigious service units, the name of the peace of mind in the payment and check-in and the service as agreed. This article introduces three prestigious brand names in Vietnam. They have built up their brand reputation over the years and are invested in by large corporations at home and abroad. – Vietnam’s leading brand name

Mytour is a strategic brand invested by two major corporations, Recruit Holdings of Japan and Vietnam Price Group. Recruit Holdings consists of 109 member companies, 160 offices and over 19,000 employees worldwide with the annual revenues of more than $ 10 billion. Vietnam Price Group has offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with more than 1,000 employees. It is the leading developer of e-commerce services and applications in Vietnam. Ecommerce Website for many years has been selected as the No.1 e-commerce unit in Vietnam.

Mytour specializes in providing high quality booking services for tours, booking air tickets and hotel booking channels online with many incentives. At Mytour, regular promotions are available. Online hotel booking system at has 5,000 hotels in Vietnam. The website incorporates customer support functions such as Searching room; Finding hotels with promotion and Finding cheap hotels. The Online Support staff will help you book your hotel room easily, quickly and conveniently.

VNTRIP.VN (Pay when check-out, with VAT invoice)

Vntrip was founded by investors from Vietnam and Hong Kong, aiming to build and develop the largest and most modern online portal in the travel industry in Vietnam. Vntrip is based in Hanoi, in a modern office. It owns a young, dynamic and energetic team.

With the desire to bring visitors interesting and comfortable vacation, Vntrip carries two major missions: Hotel Reservation and Hotel Solutions.

The Website includes the basic functions and is always updated to help customers operate simply and conveniently. Simple operation, easy access, low cost, time saving, booking anywhere is the convenience when booking at Vntrip. Vntrip with the best online hotel booking service in over 4,000 hotels throughout Vietnam. Vntrip provides 24/7 customer support with state-of-the-art online services that save time and money. Vntrip always has many promotions, incentives for customers.

Payment can be made online or paid when checking out at the hotel and invoices are available upon request. In addition, when booking hotel rooms online at Vntrip, guests also enjoy free airport pick up from the airport to the country, very convenient for guests.

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