Top 12 rules in the table of Vietnamese you should know

Cultural behavior, courtesy not only makes us more polite, more professional but also makes us better because of the normative lifestyle. To have the sympathy and respect of the opposite person, you should learn the rules on the table.

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Pay attention to your gestures

It will be uncomfortable for the opposite person when you eat and just focus on your plate of food. Pay attention to your sitting posture, sitting straight back, shoulder relaxed, not bent back, Put your hands on the table, eyes to level. Keep a certain distance on the bench as if you were putting a cat on your leg and having a rat on your back.

Do not talk while chewing on food

Vietnamese people have the habit of talking in a meal to create a happy atmosphere, but many people are prone to the habit of chewing rice while talking. This only makes the listener feel uncomfortable because it is impossible to hear what you say, not eating at the same time also makes you more likely to be choked. If you want to talk to chew all the food and then put chopsticks, spoon down the table, avoid the situation as both hand waving chopsticks and spoon around to cause unhygienic people around.

Limit sounds when eating

This is the most common mistake that people make at meals. On the western countries, it is said that eating with full mouth is impolite, in Vietnam, parents do not remind their children to pay attention to the issue, resulting in the eating of the Vietnamese people is not beautiful in the eyes of foreigners. Be courteous, avoid loud talk, laugh loudly, close your mouth when chewing food, use lips and spoon to eat soup.

Eat slowly

Eating is the form of taste you use to feel the taste of each dish, to enjoy deep food, you have to eat slowly. Eat lightly and gently, do not be too greedy to eat all the food in your mouth. It is very impolite.
Top 12 rules in the table of Vietnamese you should know

Thanks to someone for help with food

At meal time, the food you love is always on your side. If you want to get a dish on the far side, ask the person sitting nearby for help, avoid getting up to take the food and disturbing the people around. If you feel that it is inconvenient to share chopsticks for other people, you can change the remaining chopsticks to pick up or use a new pair of chopsticks.

Learn how to grab food

Getting the food is extremely simple but if you do it incorrectly, it becomes a disinterested act. If you take part in a meal at a friend’s house, be the person who picked up the food after the host has eaten it, showing how honoring you are. Do not dig up food to find good ones for yourself. There are many people have the habit of picking dishes, they pick up this piece but do not agree they drop and grab another piece. This is the action of the greedy and has no intention.

Do not stare at the phone when eating

At one meal, people talk happily and you keep looking at the phone. That proves that you do not respect other people, if you really need to use the phone, leave the table and then back when you can concentrate and pay attention to the conversation with everyone.

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Do not interrupt others while they are speaking

Make yourself a valued person and listen to others, when they are telling a good story or saying something, let them finish the story and give you an idea, do not interrupt. Sometimes your listening to other people’s stories is the smartest way to communicate, which makes the other person feel their story interesting, they will tend to open up to you more.

Please cherish the food

Having a dish is not a simple matter, from raw materials to the process of making a dish that takes a lot of enthusiasm of the cook. It is a way you respect the chef making it, whether you eat, drink or have a light thank you. Remind yourself to try to eat all the food on the plate, avoiding eating leftovers after each meal.
Top 12 rules in the table of Vietnamese you should know

Leave the table, ask for permission

Often in Vietnam, people do not usually have the habit of asking permission when leaving the table. In order to be polite you need to get permission from everyone in the meal before getting up. Please say a few simple words like “xin phep ca nha con an com xong roi”, or “xin phep moi nguoi toi phai ra ngoai co chut viec”. That is enough for others to judge you as a polite man or not.

Do not talk unrelated stories

The interaction between people in the meal is necessary, it creates a fun atmosphere, more cozy than people just sit and eat their meals. However, having unrelated or unfamiliar stories makes it fun to talk. Absolutely do not bring politics, religion or personalism into the conversation, it only brings fierce debate and bad end to your meal.

Avoid shaking your legs, kicking your legs under the table

Thigh swelling is a common disease in life, which manifests itself in the lack of self-confidence, anxiety, nervousness and restlessness. People usually shake the thigh unconsciously and when it comes to attention it becomes a bad habit and hard to give up. A lot of people, especially men, have a habit of shaking their thighs or kicking their legs when they sit at the table, which is bad when you go to a client or sit at a table with your boss. Make a habit of trying to stay calm, confident and avoid stress, anxiety.

Body language and proper manners are keys to helping you make a good impression and create good impression with the opposite person. Having a good, well-organized life and work makes you a more polite and cultured person.

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