Things to know before traveling in Binh Ba


Binh Ba recently has become an emerging destination. It get highly appreciated so many tourists are eager to come here.

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About Binh Ba island

Binh Ba is a small island with the area of more than 3km2, belonged to Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province, 60km from Nha Trang city and 390km from Ho Chi Minh city. To go to Binh Ba, it is obligatory to go to Ba Ngoi wharf, 15km from Cam Ranh airport and 15km from Binh Ba.

In the past, Binh Ba is a military island, limiting the visitors coming to the island. Nowadays, the regulation is changed but still prohibits the foreigners from arriving at the island. This is the reason why Binh Ba is very famous.

Thanks to the careful management by the Military, Binh Ba island is quite unsploited, the nature still keep their beauty and is not destroyed by humans. Recently, thu number of tourists visiting Binh Ba island is more and more numerous, the infrastructure has not developed to keep up with the number of visitors, making the environment in the island not as clean as in the past.

Best time to visit Binh Ba island   

You can visit Binh Ba whenever you want but the best time is from March to September. Besides, you should try your best to not go to this island in the holidays because in these days, the tourists coming here is very crowded making you very hard to enjoy all the beauty of the island. In addition, in order not to be hurry, you should spend 2 days in the island.

Things to know before traveling in Binh Ba


There are 3 ways to go to Binh Ba: Plane, Bus and Motorbike.


Everyday, there are many flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Nha Trang. Right getting off the plane, you will see taxis available in Cam Ranh airport to pick up you to Ba Ngoi wharf. With the distance of 15km, it takes about 30 minutes to get there.

Note: To save your time, you have to check the launching time of your plane and the starting time of ship in order not to wait for a long time.

Vietnam Airlines

– The office in the South: Tan Son Nhat international airport (49 Truong Son, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city)
Tel:  (84.8) 8446667 Fax: (84.8) 8485312 Sita : SGNAVVN / Email:
– The Center of booking by phone in the South: 08-8320320

Jet Star Pacific Airline Ho Chi Minh city (Opening from 7:30 to 18:00)

Ticket office, no.1 Me Linh work site, District 1 (84-8) 8.258.101 (84-8) 8.258.102
Ticket office, no.4 Truong Son road, Tan Binh district (84-8) 8.442.705 (84-8) 8.486.256
Ticket office, no. 177 Vo Thi Sau, District 3 (84-8) 2.907.349 (84-8) 9.325.980

VietJetAir Ho Chi Minh city

– Tan Son Nhat international airport
Tel: +84 (8) 3 547 4174
Fax: +84 (8) 3 848 9343
– VietJetAir Truong Son
Address: 2C Truong Son/48 Phan Dinh Giot, Ward 2, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tel: 08 38 454 640
Fax: 08 38 454 643
Opening time: 07:00 – Closing time: 21:00 (in Sunday and holidays closes at 19:00)
– VietJetAir Nguyen Kiem
Address: 35 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 3, Go Vap district
Tel:1900 1774
Fax: +84 (8) 6 266 7667
Opening time: 7:30 – Closing time: 21:30 (in Sunday and holidays closes at 18:00)


Phuong Trang

  • In Cam Ranh: Address: Lot 0, Le Duan Street, Cam Loc District, Cam Ranh (near Cam Ranh Bus Station).
    Phone: Cam Ranh – (058) 626 0263
  • In Nha Trang: Phone: 0583. 524.315
  • In Ho Chi Minh City:
+ Phone: (08) 38.375.570. Address: 272 De Tham, District 1.
+ Phone: (08) 38.333.468
Address: 328A Le Hong Phong, District 10.

Ha Linh

– In Cam Ranh: Address: 114 Hung Vuong Boulevard, Ba Ngoi, Cam Ranh.
Phone: Cam Ranh – 058. 626 0056
– In Nha Trang: Address: 14B Tran Hung Dao street, Nha Trang city
– In Saigon: Phone: 08 350 75 345


Because of the long distance, you should consider carefully your health, the climate and the condition of your vehicle to avoid troubles on the way or being too tired to continue the trip. From Ho Chi Minh city, you ride motorbike along 1A National Highway to the North. On the way, you will go through Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan), Phan Rang – Thap Cham (Ninh Thuan)…

You should put your motorbike in Ba Ngoi wharf or motorbike parks and then go to the island because if you want to bring the motor to the island, you have to rent a private ship and the area of the island is quite small so you can walk to explore it. If you want to go to farer places, you can rent the motor on the island.

Things to know before traveling in Binh Ba

The ship time from Ba Ngoi wharf to Binh Ba island

From Ba Ngoi wharf, the only transportation to Binh Ba island is the ship. The ship runs daily at the price ticket of 25,000 to 30,000VND/person (depended on the type of ship).

The Ship time

  • Ba Ngoi – Binh Ba: 7 a.m, 10 a.m, 1:30 p.m and 4 p.m
  • Binh Ba – Ba Ngoi: 5 a.m, 9 a.m, 12:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m

If you rent the private ship, you will decide the starting time. Phone: 0976.789.1986 (Mr Hau) or 0944.506.371.


There are many hostels in the island with full amenities. The price commonly is 100,000VND/person from Monday to Friday (it will be one and a half or double on the weekend). The most well-known one is Mr Bay Ho’s hostel (0983.858.941) because it is near Nom beach, has the rooms looking over the sea which are clean and full facilities (no refrigerator).

To save more money, you can rent a homestay. The homestay is large, airy and clean as well as near the market and beaches. It is suitable for a group of about 20 people at the price of less than 1,000,000 VND/day.

If you contact before getting of the ship at the wharf, the hostel or homestay owner will pick you up to the accomadation. The local people in the island are so friendly so you can check the room before deciding to rent or not. In addition, they are enthusiastic to show you many interesting things.   

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