The list of wonderful homestay in Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An (P1)


Although not being luxurious hotels, the homestay in Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An surely will make you surprised by their cute designs. Save them as travel tips for your trip in the future.

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Déjà vu Homestay, Hue

Being one of the newest and most impressive homestay in Hue, Déjà Vu is really an interesting stopover when you visit the ancient capital. Located at 191 Dien Bien Phu street, Hue city, Déjà vu is a cute homestay with brilliant colors.

Déjà vu has 5 rooms and each room has its own style. The capacity of each room is 3 people / room. Besides, the homestay has 3 dorm rooms which are suitable for people who like traveling alone.

In each room, the homestay owner carefully arranges the table and chairs to drink tea, read book or simply breathe the comfortable atmosphere. In spite of not too large area, staying here will help you feel the cohension of designed space and the natural surrounding.

Phone number: 093 480 19 02

Déjà vu Homestay via

Vu Homestay, Hue

Located in the poetic Minh Mang road, coming to Vu Homestay, you seem to enter a green countryside with trees, flowers and the ancient houses. This is the green tourism model which is loved by tourirst, especially the foreign tourists.

With only a leaf-roof house with 5 rooms which has a simple outlook, the homestay is full of facilities inside and the room space is decorated in the simplest way with the style of Vietnam’s countryside. Coming to Vu Homestay, you will enjoy the fresh atmosphere and feel the beauty of the life after hard working days.

Phone number: 093 484 85 85

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April Hostel, Hue

Located in Nguyen Thai Hoc street whch is convenient to move, with the reasonable price of only from 100,000VND, you have a clean and comfortable bed to rest. Besides, April Hostel is also the place to have beautiful pictures.

Not simply being a hostel, April is a sweet home of stranger people who have the same passion of discovering the beauty of ancient capital. In here, there is a small kitchen for cooking, eating foods and sharing the tourists’ experience.

Phone number: 091 1346339 or 054 3888881

April Hostel via

Little Flower Homestay, Da Nang

Less than 2 minutes walk from Han river, as its name, Little Flower Homestay is a villa which is designed with the modern European Vintage style: full of flowers from the fence, balcony to living rooms and bed rooms.

The most special thing of Little Flower Homestay is the name of room types are named after the names of many different types of rose in Europe such as Valentine rose, Spirit of Freedom, Heritage, Chocolate, Olivia… In Little Flower Homestay, there are many types of room for you to choose such as double rooms for 2 people, 4-bed/6-bed/8-bed rooms. The price is from 150,000VND to 500,000VND/night.

Address: 72 Hoang Duc Luong (300m from Han river and 1 km from the beach).

Phone number: 0989 472 699.

Little Flower Homestay via Kenh 14

Da Nang Fish Market Homestay, Da Nang

The homestay has 3 small rooms: the space is a little narrow but close and cozy. Each room has its own style, color and warm feeling. It is decorated with the main pattern of fish and sea so it is quite eye-catching. Each wall is a boldly artistic background. Besides, in here, there is a kitchen and living room for everyone. The price is from 270,000VND to 850,000VND.

Address: K259/15 Nguyen Chi Thanh street

Phone number: 0122 391 5792

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Pura Vida House, Da Nang

Located at 22 Pham Kiet street, Pura Vida House will bring you the peaceful feeling when coming here. This homestay is decorated with the main color of white. Especially, all corners and gardens are decorated beautifully so you will take nice pictures. The homestay has 3 floors including 4 rooms: 1 single room and 3 double rooms at the price of 400,000-800,000VND/night.

Address: 22 Pham Kiet

Phone number: 0922 378 889

Pura Vida House

Minh House, Da Nang

Minh House is located at K30/H01/03 Ha Bong, just 2 minutes walk from Pham Van Dong – My Khu beach. It includes 5 derpartments which are built by wood, so they are very luxurious and cool.

Each department in Minh house has its own garden behind and a shared garden in the front. These departments are fully equipped with high class facilities such as kitchen, dinner table and sofa. The combination of the unique architecture and flora garden will bring you the warm feeling like staying in your home when you go to Minh House.

The price of each department is 1,200,000VND/night. The capacity of each department is 2 adults and maximum of 2 children under 6 years old.

Address: K30/H01/03 Ha Bong

Phone number:  090 509 66 95

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