Secrets to have the perfect bikini photos when going to sea


You are not satisfied with the pictures in the last vacation, you may have one of the twelve mistakes in posing below. We all want to own attractive beach photos to show off to friends. However, posing for photoshoot is not easy at all. The wrong postures, improper camera angles … will ruin your picture.

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12 mistakes when posing poses at the beach and how to overcome them by Brightside guide

1. The legs which are on the same line will make your calves feel big

Fix: Instead, put a leg up and stretch a leg down so the legs will be separated, easy to see, and graceful.

2. Knees straight in front of the lens will make your body and limbs look very short

Fix: Turn around a little, this position helps you show off the curves and also elongated legs.

3. Taking aerial photography breaks the face ratio, the neck disappears and things get heavy

Fix: Shoot with the camera level at eye level. This will maintain the proportion of the face and show the neck clearly.

4. Lack of emphasis: This form makes the body feel unnatural and the picture has no point

Fix: Change the angle of the other shoot, focus on the face, the model will feel more comfortable when posing.

5. Faces too close to the water surface: shortened face feeling, no relaxation

Fix: Should be taken with a face that is 10 to 15 cm above the water

6. The knees kneeling opposite the camera: This shape causes the lumbar to disappear, the leg is cut short and the thighs are very large.

Fix: Slightly rotating position will create curves and soften your photo.

Secrets to have the perfect bikini photos when going to sea via Tuula Vintage

7. Standing in military style: The stance loses its edge, looks rough

Fix: Tilt your shoulders and put one foot forward, you will find your body more soft and show off all the best angles.

8. Straight legs opposite the camera: create short legs, hips and shoulders

Fix: Tilting slightly will show more lines.

9. Casual sitting: never sitting on a beautiful photo

Fix: Form a half sitting half sitting is a good choice. The slightly knit legs make the body look more elegant and elegant.

10. The knee is too close to the chest: This makes the body parts look rough and swollen

Fix: The half-lying form with one leg in front expresses perfectly the highlight, the elegant lines of the body.

11. Lean and lean too far to one side: When you lean your head on the hand, it makes the image look heavy and tired.

Fix: Lower your arms, do not put all your weight on your hands, knee your knees and make your sitting relaxed.

12. Take a nap: This posture exposes belly fat and loses your waist.

Fix: Keep your back straight.

9 secrets to have a nice selfie photo

Selfie photography is a hot trend nowadays, but not everyone knows how to create beautiful self pictures.

1. Attention to light

Choosing the right lighting is also important to get a good shot. You should choose where you are illuminated rather than the background behind the light or also called backlight. Because that will make you dark and accidentally become prominent is the background behind.

2. Looking at the camera, should not look at the screen

This is something that many people have trouble with. When you look at the screen, not looking at the camera, the picture will look like you are looking down at something. If you do not deliberately create such a design then it is best to look at the camera to make the picture more alive.

3. Get creative with funny pictures

To break the monotony you can break the creative path and get creative by taking advantage of effects as well as image editing software. Thereby, sometimes you will laugh in a funny way when looking at your own funny pictures.

4. Would be great with the font removal effect

One way to have a nice self-portrait is to use the same fade-like effect on professional DSLR cameras. The effect that blurs the scene behind you makes you stand out. Most smartphones now come with a fade-in feature, but if your camera does not, you’ll probably need the Google Camera app in the Google Play Store app store.
Secrets to have the perfect bikini photos when going to sea via VietBF

5. Limit shaking hands

To avoid vibration when you press the capture key, you can use the self-timer on the camera. The just enough time for these is about 2 seconds.

6. Use the main camera (if you can)

You may find it a bit difficult to turn your phone back to “self-pity”, but in return you will make the most of high resolution on the main camera. From there, you get a sharp picture with the “best possible” quality.

7. Clean camera lens cleaning

For the front camera it is easy to get greasy, dirty after phone calls or handles during use. Using such a dirty camera will reduce the quality of the images taken, so clean and sanitize them before you start shooting yourself.

8. Do not use too many editing effects

Sometimes editing and adding some effects to a photo does not matter but if you overdo it, the picture becomes unrealistic and sometimes “artificial”. So be sure to regulate them in moderation.

9. Use a different camera application to get something new

One of the “beauty pills” most people use to know is the camera 360. Through this third party application, you will have many custom and unique effects to choose from. You can easily find this application in your phone’s application store.
So with some simple tips you can take yourself some beautiful self-portraits to share with your friends.

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