Nice coffee shop for your trip to Da Nang


With the list of nice coffee shops, it is sure that you will never worry about finding a place to enjoy a drink and selfie when coming to Da Nang.

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Hue – Hoi An – Da Nang are always favorite destinations of young people in holidays. In spite of stopping in any place in which, it is easy for you to move to the two other ones by train, motorbike or bus. An ancient Hue capital, a peaceful Hoi An ancient town and a modern Da Nang city are enough for your trip, right? If you made a plan of a summer vacation in these cities, you should read the following list of beautiful coffee shops.

Mar Rojo

Although opening recently, Mar Rojo café quickly becomes a must-check-in place for tourists when coming to Da Nang. This coffee shop is a small village located near the river bank which is easy to find. 2 floors of Mar Rojo is decorated with 2 different colors: red in 1st floor and green in 2nd floor. The 1st floor brings a cozy and luxurious feeling while the 2nd floor makes the customers feel cool and airy. Although customers choose the 1st or 2nd floor, the simplest furnitures provide them a beautiful, elegant and luminous space which is suitable for taking photos. The menu is rich with many diverse choices of foods and drinks to meet the demand of customers.

Mar Rojo

Pavilion The Garden Café

It is another coffee shop for young people who love taking photograph. Pavilion has 3 floors with small cute corners decorated elegantly in the style of nostalgia created by moss sticking on peeling paint walls, romantic old wooden door with a curtain under yellow light suitable for group of friends or couples. The drinks in this coffee shop are plentiful and the quality is medium. However, its menu is loved by many customers thanks to the reasonable price, strong flavor and many choices.

Pavilion The Garden cafe

Papa container

It is a container coffee shop which has existed for a long time in Da Nang, however, it is still a hot place for young people. The owner is an experienced architector therefore, nothing is surprized that the overall space of the shop is very good with airy and full of sunlight and trees space. Besides, the owner of the garden designs ingeniously a outdoor balcony above the container in the style of elegant vintage. It is difficult to refrain the excitement in fornt of a great art work like this.    

Being far away from the city center, located in a new residential area, this coffee shop is not too crowded. It is quite good because you are free to enjoy a wonderful space in the suburban with fresh and quite atmostphere. If you are not afraid of long distance, it is a suitable place for a group of friend to relax or pose selfie photos.

Papa container

79 Café

Without a luxurious space or beautiful view, 79 Café is simly a nice small coffeehouse. You can choose enjoying a cup of coffee on the sidewalk or under the cool canopy in a small garden. Most of the customers coming to 79 Café love the simplicity and quiteness. It is simly a place for you to relax and talk with your friends.

The drinks in here is also very simle but very delicious. Spending a morning sitting here to see the street and breeze the fresh air surely makes your holiday become more memoriable.

Cafe 79

Boulevard Galeto & Coffee

Recently, this coffee shop is a hot check-in place with the background of a giant keyboard on the wall, very creative and unique. In addition to this giant keyboard on the 2nd floor, the other small corners in the coffee shop are decorated elegantly and carefully with 2 main colors: black and white. It is suitable place to take photos in minimalist style. Besides, you should not forget to enjoy delicious ice-cream which help the shop attract many customers.

Boulevard Galeto & Coffee

Scoop Yogurt

This shop with a rain and a eye-catching cute yellow umbrella drawn on the wall makes many customers surprised at the 1st sight. In here, your are free to take beautiful photos with your loved one. In addition to the wall, the yogurt shop has a corner with a cutely colorful ice-cream car. The shop is decorated with 2 main colors: white and yellow which is suitable for Out fit of the day (OOTD) photos or food pictures. Yougurt in here is very delicious and quite cheap.

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