9 things not to do when traveling

Looking for local eateries instead of stopping at restaurants too close to the resort, avoiding airport transfers or finding a place to stay at local people’s homes are tips you should know when traveling.

Do not eat near popular tourist sites

Restaurants near these resorts will often sell food at double the price, but the quality is unlikely. Most visitors come to eat only once and do not return. Therefore, many restaurants often charge very high prices to take advantage of the profits.

At the same time, restaurants opened by locals are a bit farther but cheaper and tastier. Learning about the restaurants in the area you are visiting is appreciated by visitors.

Do not exchange money at the airport

Never exchange cash at the airport unless you are in an emergency, as most airports will change for you at very low rates. For a good price, use an ATM card, a credit card or a bank in the city center.

Do not exchange money at the airport via TripSawy

Do not carry traveling checks

Travelers’ checks – a type of check that allows travelers to pay for services and goods without cash when traveling. Travelers’ checks are only put into circulation when the payment bank has received the corresponding amount of the check.

Traveler’s checks are often regarded as a convenient means of payment, and can be used in many countries like cash. It is safe and can replace when your money is dropped or stolen.

However, today, when ATM cards and credit cards are used more widely and more popularly, travelers’ checks are no longer accepted by banks. You will hardly be able to get your bank checks related to traveler’s checks, such as being lost or stolen.

Do not miss out on travel insurance

Travel insurance is very important, especially during long trips. You cannot anticipate the risks you may encounter such as accidents, loss of luggage and natural disasters.

Travel insurance will protect you on long trips. If you do not buy insurance, when an accident occurs, you may have to spend a lot of money to pay.

Do not miss out on travel insurance via WikiHow

Do not “discriminate” the popular motel

In movies, motels are usually very dirty, damp and only for the poor or the bad. Meanwhile, today, many resorts around the world are relatively clean, offering new basic services more affordable than the hotel.

In addition, this is where you find people with similar hobbies of travel self-sufficiency and learn more about local life thanks to friendly spaces.

Do not take a taxi

In many countries, to limit traffic jams, the government regulates some service fees such as taxis very highly. Get a map of where you are and study the public transport system – this is the right and economical choice. However, use four-wheeled suitcases because carrying heavy luggage to walk through stations is a torture.

Do not forget about travel applications

Without a separate room such as at the hotel, applications that provide accommodation with local residents such as Couchsurfing, Servas, or Be Welcome allow you to interact more and find a place to live with a very low price.

Sharing place to stay with local people will also help you learn more about where you are coming from and tips on traveling.

Couchsurfing via Địa chỉ Luyện Thi TOEIC Uy Tín – WordPress.com

Do not be too stingy

Spend your money wisely. Do not waste too much on meals at the restaurants near the resort, but do not miss $ 2 for a bus that accepts walking almost an hour, then back to the hotel in exhaustion and fatigue and cannot go to other places.

Do not ignore the local travel companies

The local travel company is the best place to advise you on the events and festivals taking place in the area you visit. When you come to any city, the first step is to stop by a travel agency and ask for information on what to do, where to eat and even tours that are on offer. They always have maps, information and support to find accommodation for you.

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