7 tips for frequent flyers


Many people maybe do not know that the seats next to the windows is cooler than the other ones and the idealest time of flying in a day is in the morning.

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The plane nowadays is considered as the most popular transportation to the tourists. Thanks to not only its convenience and fast speed but also its services and the experiences of being immersed in the blue sky. Below are the experiences and some small tips, if you pay attention, you will have the most comfortable flights.

The seat next to the window is always cooler

When the plane gains a certain height, the temperature outside maybe drop to -60 or -65 Degree Celcius. This phenomenon brings the cool feeling to all the seats next to the window although you sit in the front or behind row. In the summer, when almost the passengers wear thin and light clothes, this difference of temperature will be revealed most clearly. Therefore, if you are a fan of the sky and hate to sweat, boldly book the seats by the window.

Do not drink tea or coffee

The boiling water used for making tea or coffee on the plane is capable of producing malignant bacteria such as E coli or staph. The research is published by Telegraph based on the survey of Hong Kong Health Center on the water examples from 22 flights. The result showed that 14 exemples among them did not meet the requirement of Hygiene and safety criteria. Therefore, to be safe, most of the frequent passengers only ask a bottle of water or fruit juice.

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Limit contact with table and bag in front

Many passengers have the habit of putting their wastes in the front bag. After each flight, the staffs only have enough time to collect these wastes instead of cleaning and disinfecting. However, the eating table maybe more dirty. On Redit website, some airline flight attendants also acknowledged that they have seen parents use this table as a place for changing rack for their babies. Therefore, the frequent flyers will not directly put the food on the table, always brings disinfected wet paper and keeps all belongings in personal bags.

The best time for departing is in the morning

If you can choose the flights, the most perfect time is in the morning because the flights at that time are rarely delayed. Moreover, the people afraid of flying also should choose the morning flights because according to the aviation experts of Plane and Pilot Magazine. It is the time all unsafe feelings are controlled effectively.

The seat row at the rear of the plane is served most thoughtfully

Usually, the tourists choose the front seats to have some benefits such as serving the meals first and having many selections or leaving the plane soonest when the plane lands. However, according to the experiences of the frequent flyers, the behind seats near the serving cabin will be served better such as serving more food freely or meeting the other special requirement. The reason is when sitting at the position, the attendants can be assured that they will not be distracted by other guests, leading to disorder in the aircraft.

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Do not blow the pillow too inflated

Sitting on the side of professional backpackers, you can easily see that they only blow the pill a few times and almost keep it flat when the plane is preparing to take off. The higher the plane is, the bigger the pressure variation in the cabin is and easier to make the too inflated pillow dangerous.

Special diet menus

Many airlines today also serve a variety of special menus with vegetarian, seafood or dietary food, in line with the culture, customs, regional tastes and customs. If you do not have any special options, the professional chef will recommend that you can refer to these menus because the food is usually delicious, easy to eat compared to the fixed dishes in the flight.

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