7 things to know before giving up the job to travel


Take the time to think carefully to make sure that your lifestyle is what you really want and are passionate about, not just a momentary thought to get away from the pressure of work.

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Quitting job to travel: Passion or Escaping?

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • What exactly are I looking for?
  • What makes me happy?
  • Do I really like traveling?
  • Is this my real passion?
  • Is this what I really want?

Many people often think of quitting job to travel when they are in trouble or stressful. They see traveling as a way to escape the reality. However, never quit your job to travel just because you want to “escape”.

Traveling around the place sounds fun and promises more fun, but if you do not spend enough passion for it, you will be very discouraged.

Therefore, before deciding to make the change of whole your life, consider a number of factors. Sometimes all you need is to change some habits or thoughts in the workplace.

7 things to know before giving up the job to travel via Nothing familiar

If you are doing financially but are always interested in marketing or the arts, why do not you think of moving the field or work department?

In addition, if possible, travel in or out of the country for longer periods than normal trips. This helps you understand what life is like when traveling for a long time. This way, you can tell if you like this experience, or just for short trips.

You do not necessarily have to quit completely to be traveling. You can choose work that allows you to travel a lot, for example as a guide or reporter writing about travel. You can also do the job without having to sit in the office.

The life of a travel specialist does not only come to beautiful places or relax in a 5 star hotel. Conversely, you have to be extremely flexible and have the ability to cope with all kinds of problems that may occur on the journey.

7 things to know before giving up the job to travel

Here are some things you need to know about the experience of people who have quit their job:

  1. You need to work unless you’re rich enough to pay for everything on a month-long trip even from year to year. You will even have to work very hard with various jobs from the waiter, cleaning up to the assistant on the farm.
  2. Sometimes you will feel very lonely. Although you can meet many people on the way but in fact you are still making the journey alone. You will be happy to remember family, friends, even remember the work that you hated and gave up. Of course, you will face all these negative emotions alone. That is not to mention when you have problems such as illness, loss, accident … and always have enough brains to handle everything.
  3. You will be upset because you have to move constantly. Next to the excitement of being in new places, there are moments you just wish you had a house to stop and no need to go any further.
  4. You will experience many ups and downs, but generally will feel more negative. The trip is always full of surprises, but with the exception of sightseeing, you may face people discussing in an unfriendly way, with less money that you cannot find a job in. New arrival, or take a very valuable item… Even if you are planning to be perfect, there will still be problems to try and endurance.
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  5. The life of a person who travels varies depending on the job they choose to earn the extra income. There are people who choose to teach English, some people just go and do simple, short-term jobs such as restaurants, hotels, bars …
  6. Your plan may change slightly or not as originally planned. Do not be stressful. Learn to be flexible and accept unwanted things. Once you’ve spent all your time chasing life around the web, you will face a lot of unstable things.
  7. Before you go on a trip, it’s important to sketch a plan for making money. You cannot afford to pay the whole trip. You cannot afford to miss the trip because of the budget. Many people are determined to become English teachers – one of the easiest jobs to earn, especially in Asian countries. Some others teach yoga, dance, surfing …

Think about your strengths and weaknesses to find the right job.

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