11 items can save your life when traveling


Familiar items such as spare charger, key, whistle or headband… can help to ensure your safety on your trip in Vietnam.

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Clothes can hide valuables

Some firms have clothing products with inner bags (watch pockets) for travelers to store money, cards and papers. This will help you avoid theft.

Battery-powered smartphone

In addition to personal safety applications, the phone can also become a flashlight, threatening animals attacking you, or sending emergency signals and map searches. You can use the battery charger to protect your phone, while charging the battery at any time. A compact backup battery is also a good idea.

Garbage bags

You can use them to keep your clothes which are wet, dirty, or littered to be thrown away. At the same time, they are also used as temporary coats or clothing in case you are not prepared for cold weather. They also have the effect of protecting the outside of the wound that has been bandaged, containing water, pillow box or rain cover, sunscreen.

11 items can save your life when traveling

Sticky tape

Adhesive tape is famous for a dozen uses, from fashion design to repair utensils. You can also use this item as an ambulance, create a water resistant layer for your shoes, mark the road (when walking alone), or hide your shoe when you think you are being tracked. In addition, adhesive tape can fix ankle bumps, wrinkles, body guards or trousers to prevent snake bites when hiking.

Key / pen

When traveling alone, you can hold the key between your fingers with the tip pointed out as a defensive weapon. A pen works the same way. The best offensive point is the neck, throat, or eyes if in a critical situation.


You should bring a personal whistle on the road, especially if you go alone at night or go hiking. In addition to threatening the attacker with loud sound, they also help you call for help or swipe animals.

Bar blocking

Many intrusions into the hotel room, even forcible, happened when the bad guys pretended to be the husband or boyfriend of the victim to get the keys at the reception. In addition to asking the hotel not to provide room keys to anyone outside of you, you can also use a small, easy-to-carry door locker in a suitcase.

Bandana towel

Tubular towel can be used as scarf, bandage, mask, tie … They are soft, lightweight, can keep cool or warm. Especially in situations like fires, gas, you can absorb water and gag and cover your mouth to avoid breathing in smoke. In addition, towels can also be used as bandages.

Insect repellent

Visitors can get zika, yellow fever or other insect infectious diseases. Some companies have specialized line of insect repellant, or you can use odorless spray.

11 items can save your life when traveling

Insect Spray

In addition to helping you fight insects, this spray can also be used as a self-defense weapon in an emergency. You should hold them in your hand when traveling on empty roads or when traveling alone at night.


Intuition is not an item, but this is what you use every day. Intuition is important to keep you safe on the road. Do not be afraid to act if your hunch tells you to get out of a situation. It is better to be rude than to stay and face the consequences.


  • Choosing the time of year to go is also very important. Normally, trips will be in the summer or holidays. To be sure, you should book your hotel room in advance, contact your travel agent, get your train or train ticket for both directions.
  • Finding out the weather of the place you will go may help you with your carry-on plan.
  • Avoiding going in the rainy season or in the cold weather.
  • Important documents such as ID card, passport… should be stored neatly in a pocket for the convenience of reporting and being careful when in crowded.
  • Putting some common medicines in the most comfortable place in your luggage.
  • Clothes should be stored in plastic bags before packing in order to avoid the odors of the vehicles.

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