10 tips to avoid the luggage loss


The luggage loss is a bad dream to any tourist. Do not worry, the following simple tips will be helpful for your trip.

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10 tips to avoid the luggage loss

Throw away the old label

If you have the habit of keeping the old label on your luggage as a souvenir, you will have the opportunity of losing you luggage due to any mistake.

Early check-in

According to the staffs in the airport, it is easier for the luggage to be missed if the tourists check-in late. The later you check-in. the higher the risk of luggage not accompanying the flight is, because they may not pass the conveyer on time.

Ask the airport staff  to label “Fragile” on your luggage

Please inform the staff  in the check-in counter that you bring some fragile things on your suitcase. Your luggage will be labeled a special sticker accompanying with a commitment that they will be careful with it.

Do not make your luggage overloaded

The luggage staffs confessed that they would throw the suitcases from the conveyors as strongly as possible to pilfer into the cabin. They do not want to ruin them, but overloading is not good for a suitcase. Therefore, the heavier the luggage is the more risk of damage your luggage has.

10 tips to avoid the luggage loss via Xuat khau lao dong Nhat Ban

Choose a bright-color but not too expensive suitcase

Simply, an expensive suitcase will have a higher risk of being robbed. If you do not want your luggage to fall into the hands of others, please choose a bright-color or simple-pattern suitcase.

Pay attention to the transfer time between 2 flights

The direct flights will have less risk of luggage loss compared to the transfer flights. Make sure that there is at least 1 hour between 2 flights to ensure that your luggage is safe on plane.

Wrap protective film outside your suitcase

If the package is wrapped carefully, no thief can rummage inside your luggage. In addition, they will not be damaged by the carrier.

Buy the insurance for your valuable things

In the past, a customer did not buy the insurance and make the proof of property on the plane and then he lose 8 iPads but only returned 30$. To avoid this situation, the visitors should buy insurances or take photos of your valuable things in the check-in counter as a proof.

Choose the flights through the center

The center is the airport which is chosen by some airlines as a main transshipment point for non-direct flight. If you are obliged to choose a non-direct flight, please choose a flight through the center because these airports have a smarter luggage transferring system than the other ones.

What should we do in the case of luggage loss?

The luggage loss is the thing not any visitor wants to meet, especially in the trip promising many interesting experiences. However, if you get this trouble, be calm to deal it in the most effective way. Here are some useful tips for you.

10 tips to avoid the luggage loss via Song moi
  • If you wait for a long time and still not see your luggage while other customers have take their suitcases yet, your luggage maybe lost. The first thing you have to do is to inform to the airline. You can go to service counters or Lost and Found Center at the airport.
  • The airline can ask you to list your things inside the suitcase.
  • In the case you receive your luggage but you find that something lost or your suitcase is cut to remove the item, you should inform the service counter to reweigh and check your luggage as well as list the things you lost. After that, the airline will conclude and solve the problem: Looking for the lost items or compensating your items.
  • Keep all your paperwork, such as airfare, baggage, and so on. In the event of baggage loss, these documents will become extremely important.
Hopefully with the above notice, you will have more useful information to minimize the case of lost baggage when flying. And even if it’s unfortunate that you’ve lost your luggage, it’s not as bad as you think. Anything can be solved if you calm down and handle it in a scientific way.

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