10 important notes for trekkers


With a suitable way of packing the luggage, you can bring “all the world” along with you while it does not take too much effort when you trek.

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Check the weight of each items to arrange a suitable position for each one

These heavy items such as mini gas stove, foods should be placed straight back and two sides of the backpack. It helps to balance the weight for trekkers. However, you should be careful with the too hard or sharp items because they will hit your back if your backpack does not have a back support.

The light items which can be folded down such as raincoat should be placed on top or in the pack in the backpack cover in order to take fastest when necessary. The remaining items you do need to use during the way until you come to the camping location such as sleeping bag, mini gas cylinders should be put at the bottom, at the same time, they play the role as a cushion to protect the other things if the backpack is dropped.

Put something soft and small in the empty spaces between the hard ietms to reduce the collision when climbing

No one loves the jingle when climbing; therefore you should use the T-shirt backup or tent cloth to cover your cooking utensils, inox or iron items.

The things you often use should be placed in an easy-to-find place

Putting the suncream or medicines in the two sides of your backpack will be easy for you to find and use when necessary. In addition, you should classify all your items, especially your medicines to avoid the confusion at emergency.

10 important notes for trekkers via KE adventure travel

Carefully pack the water bottles

Spend some minutes to check the water bottle cap to ensure that the water will not leak. The best choice is to avoid bring along the water bottle with a spray nozzle and place them far away from your food.

Use the plastic bags or waterproof boxes to cover the items which cannot get water such as your phone

During your journey, you may go through the stream, cross the river and your backpack may be wet. Using the waterproof leather bag or the special boxes for electronc items will be safer than using the transparent plastic bags which are often sold commercially.

Using the suction vacuum bag to pack the big things like sleeping bag is the best way to save the space on your backpack

This method will help you save a large space inside your backpack. You will feel free when arranging other items. The backpack in trekking often has a medium size and be suitable for the body condition of each trekker. Avoid bringing too large one and too many things which are not necessary for your journey because trekking makes you exhausted rapidly.

According to the experiences of trekkers, you should choose a backpack with the back support, abdominal belt, chest belt and many compartments to have enough place for all your items and easy to find when necessary. Remember to bring a raincoat, a bag to cover your backpack or a waterproof backpack. In addition, there are many different types of colors for you to choose. If you go in jungle, choose a backpack with the eye-catching colors such as orange, green and red which are easy to recognize.

10 important notes for trekkers via Intrepid travel

Always pay attention to the temperature change because the higher you climb the lower the temperature is

If you trek on a snowy mountain, even frozen peaks, you should put the water, rechargeable battery and your phone near your body because the battery may be dropped rapidly in the cold weather.

Tie neatly the items you put outside

The things you hook outside such as gloves, scarf and trekking stick may be entangled in trees or bushes on the road. They may be torn or the items on your backpack may be dropped so you shoule tie them neatly.

Dry everything before you continue to move if you are wet

Your clothes and tent cloth will have a bad smell when being wet. The items made from the sweat absorbent material such as climbing hats and gloves should be hanged outside when you do not use them.

Check all the items at least twice before you go to ensure that you do not miss anything

It is an important thing to remember the position of all items in your backpack.  

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