10 annoying nuisances in a flight


Read the 10 descriptions in the article and assess by yourself if you have one of these ugly habits when you are in a plane.

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1. Sit back too deep

According to Smartertravel, of course, the back seat to help lie comfortably than it is reasonable. However, before doing that, you need to look behind you to avoid situations where you’re almost lying on your back … at the thighs the passenger behind you!

2. Stink

Do not rush to explain that “my feet do not smell so I can comfortably take off my shoes when sitting on the plane”. According to scientific studies, most people who have bad odors in their feet do not know their feet smell.

In addition, not only the smell of feet, the smell of accidental “fizz”, the smell of fast food, unpleasant breath … are the terrible smells to those around you.

3. You can not control your children

Of course, the fact that a baby squeaked on the plane occasionally was considered an acceptable nuisance. However, a 7-or-8-year-old kid who is always playing uncontrollably is another thing.

The fact that a parent can not remind their children when they are old enough to behave properly on the flight is clearly difficult to understand.

Control your children on the plane via traveline.vn

4. Push the front seat each time you stand up

Imagine that your seat is sometimes tugged up when the back seat has something to do, do you feel uncomfortable? If it is not an unexpected incident (eg, falling shortly), do not touch the seat of another person on the plane.

5. You are too noisy

In the narrow and closed space of the plane, loud laughter will cause a lot of pressure on everyone, especially those who are going to take a short nap.

Laugh about watching a comedy, chewing on food, listening to loud music with inexpensive headphones or playing games with sound effects … All these things make you guys become a noisy extremely person who is uncomfortable for everyone.

6. You are too friendly

Even with the intention of completely goodwill, trying to talk, making friend on the plane between strangers may also become inappropriate, even offensive.

Not everyone will enjoy hearing your innocuous stories about the weather or the plans for weekend recreation. Try to “keep” those stories until landing.

7. You do too personal things

When doing trivial things like scratching somewhere, picking nose, or checking your bare feet, spliting ends of hair, squeezing the blisters on your cheeks … you think the person sitting next to you should not mind so naturally actions? Fatal mistake. They see it all, and of course not enjoy it.

8. You demand too much

Watch the people around to see that you are not the only one on the plane, so do not ask too much. Do not press the attendant button repeatedly and ask to be served too much.

Do not flick to the attendant just because you want to serve drinks. Do not ask for a seat change just because you have to sit in the middle and you do not like it.

Do not ask too much on the plane via Kenh14

9. You are drunk

With the strong smell of alcohol, the drunkenness can make you become noisy and rude to anyone sitting around on a flight. Worse, it can also lead to legal troubles in case you lose control.

10. Occupy the space of others

The items you carry can occupy the floor space below the seat of the next person. Your elbows can cross the line between the two seats. Your bulky bag may have occupied the upper part of the seat…

If all this happens to you, you are the occupant of the plane and should stop doing so.

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