Goals Revisited (May)

Goals Revisited (May)
Goals Revisited (May)

I thought I would take another look at my goals for this trip and see if i have been actually doing any. I will also keep trying to think of new ones to add and revisit this monthly…

Goals Completed
– Ride an elephant in Thailand (05/11/11; Chiang Mai, Thailand)
– Swim naked and/or a nude beach (05/24/11; Hoi An, Vietnam)
– Ride a Vespa and/or Segway (04/12/11; Beijing, China)

Goals Revisited (May)
Goals Revisited (May)

Goals For The Trip
– Spend the night somewhere unexpected
– Check out a sporting event
– See a historical site when nobody else is there
– Try a new sport
– Hitchhike somewhere
– Ride in a helicopter
– Avoid prison
– Fall in love and/or become a dad
– (Try to) speak the local language in every country
– Do something that gets me truly scared
– Play at least one round of golf
– Get lost
– Try a new food each month (actually a big deal for me)
– Do the running of the bulls
– If injured by bull, have a clip of it make Tosh.0
– Get a tattoo
– Be adventurous
– Do some on-the-spot volunteer work throughout the trip
Swim naked

Goals Revisited (May)
Goals Revisited (May)

– Spend a day with someone that doesn’t speak ANY English
– Give up my seat
– Walk at least 20 miles (total) through the rainforest
– Get a deep tissue massage
– Avoid being kidnapped
– Travel at least 35,000 miles
– See a castle
– Lose 20 pounds (started at 174 pounds) (May, 23rd: 163)
– Keep in touch with someone from each country
– Get kicked off a train
– Setup a network of friends from all over to start my world domination
– See at least 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
– Keep a travel blog