The unique and unforgettable experiences in Vietnam


Only 7km by train from the most ancient gas station in Dong Duong to Trai Mat (Da Lat) is enough to make you fascinated.

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You can dream of camping on Everest, swimming in Bali sea or watching the sunrise in ancient Bagan. However, if you do not have condition or time, you still can have the unique and unforgettable experiences right in Vietnam. Vietnam tourism, to many people, is very normal, but to someone else, is a precious and meaningful moment to themselves.

Some below experiences maybe a good suggestion for you to find out your own experiences.

Watching the night sky on hundred-year volcano in Ly Son

In Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), instead of visiting Be island in day like other visitors, you should try go camping and stay overnight in there. After 16:00, when all tourists come back, only you stay on the beautiful beach with white sand and sea water which is as clear as you can see the fishes swimming. Bring your tent to a lava beach overhanging the sea, set up the camfire, listen to the sound of waves, drink beer and watch the beautiful night sky with twinkle stars. It is really an impressive experience. In addition, the sunrise on the island is also great. Drinking a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise starting to shine from the horizon is truly unforgettable.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise in the cloud paradise in Ta Xua

Sunrise in Ta Xua via Blog Traveloka

Coming to Ta Xua (Son La), you need to be lucky enough to see the beautiful clouds in here. In the evening, you only need to sit in the bamboo balcony of the homestay to admire the nice white clouds blurry under the moonlight or in the early morning, you can go to dinosaurs road in cold days.  You and your friends together sip delicious coffee and wait for the sunrise gradually appearing between the sea of clouds. A halo appeared on a floating rattan carpet, creating a feeling like you are in a paradise. It is one of the experiences you should have before the age of 30.

Admiring the beautiful terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is one of the best places in Vietnam to see the terraced rice fields. Before, you can stop in Tu Le and enjoy the “legendary” steamed sticky rice, then visit Lim Mong village. Accidentally, if you encounter a shadow rain, you can see the beautiful rainbow in the mountain. Do not miss the unique and beautiful photos endowed by the nature. You will have special feeling in this special place.

Choosing night train to go to “French country” in Da Lat

Coming to Da Lat, you should choose this train. Only 7km by train from the most ancient gas station in Dong Duong to Trai Mat (Da Lat) is enough to make you fascinated. It is sunny and the weather is a bit cold, all of which will bring you some unforgettable experiences. You can stand near the connecting area between 2 carriages and watch the landscapes peacefully skimming ahead: The small houses with the beautiful flower pots in front, the colorful blooming flower fields, or the wild sunflowers and reeds blooming in the two sides roads. Try it and you will feel wonderful.

Immersing in one of the most beautiful fresh water lake in the world

Ba Be lake via Vietbao

Although, in term of tourism, it is not an attractive destination to Vietnamese but you should try once to know why to someone, Ba Be lake has its own attraction. Eating and sleeping in the stilt house and riding boat around the lake is all things-to-do in here, but if you want to escape from the busy and noisy daily life, no place is better than this place. Ba Be lake has a peaceful and rustis beauty. No hotel is available in here but the tourism services are the same as other places. In here, only the nature and trees are blended with the quite and peaceful lake. Far away are the wood stilt houses in the villages, making the landscapes more poetic and charming.

Admiring the most beautiful coral reefs in Phan Rang

For those who love the sea and discovering the life in the ocean, do not miss the opportunity to explore Vinh Hy bay, Ninh Thuan. Only 1-2m from the water surface, under the sunlight, you will see the beautiful coral reefs. The coral reefs in Vinh Hy is more beautiful than other places in Vietnam and it can be found in any place. Find out and talk with locals to have some useful information.

Truly flower paradise, only 180km from Hanoi

Coming to Moc Chau, renting a motorbike and starting the journey of discovering this place, especially in spring and Tet holiday, you will find out a flower paradise is the truth. You will have the opportunity to admire the unimaginable beautiful images. Numerous white and gold broccoli, peach blossoms, apricot blossoms and plum blossoms create the fairy scene. The clouds floating in the top of the mountain and the sunlight dowing to the hillside also add the fanciful beauty to the picture. Forget all the busy life, this scenes will make you remember forever.

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