The most attractive places for New Year Holiday 2018


The list of great tourist destinations below will help you to choose the most appropriate and exciting destination in the upcoming New Year holiday.

>>Sea travel in the winter on the New Year Holiday

1. Hanoi

Walking street around Hoan Kiem Lake

In the atmosphere of welcoming the new year and also at the weekend, the walking street around Hoan Kiem Lake became a great rendezvous for everyone.

Although this year, Hanoi does not organize fireworks on New Year’s Eve but walking with relatives or enjoy the program of music and games is also a beautiful memory before the new year.

Trade centers

If you are still wondering, do not like crowded places, you can choose to trade centers to both go shopping and enjoy the delicious food in the trade complex. With the advantage of space indoor (do not worried about the weather) and many beautifully decorated booths, many restaurants, coffee shop and eateries, it is a convenient opportunity to buy discount good in the occasions of the New Year and the end of the Lunar New Year.

Hanoi via Kul News

2. Saigon

The New Year’s Day of 2018 is very close and if you have not planned to go somewhere, remember that these exciting venues in Saigon. They will not disappoint you.

In Saigon on the occasion of the new year 2018, there are many places for you to choose, including Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Dam Sen Park, Suoi Mo, Suoi Tien, shopping malls or countdown venues such as Le Duan – Pasteur Crossing in District 1 or Nguyen Hue Boulevard or low-level fireworks at Dam Sen Park.

3. Da Nang

Da Nang, the most desirable city in Vietnam, every tourist season, is packed with visitors, so if you have the chance to try to welcome the new year in this lovely city.

Da Nang via Du lich Da Nang

There are many interesting places to visit in Da Nang during the Tet holidays, such as Linh Ung Pagoda, located on a hill about 700m high in Son Tra peninsula (this is the biggest, the most beautiful and newest one in the three pagodas called Linh Ung in Da Nang city) or Pham Van Dong beach where tourists are attracted by the beauty of aquatic life but also many interesting entertainment. Da Nang is also known as a gastronomic paradise because many seafood restaurants are delicious but the price is very reasonable.

4. Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh is an ideal tourist destination for those who have been bored to watch the streets of the capital jams all year round, The more you explore this place, the more interesting places such as “Halong on land”of Mai Chau area: Ba Khan valley; Thung Nai, or travel to the lake of Da River you find.

These pristine landscapes are just about 100km from Hanoi and are suitable for short-term holiday groups exploring together.

5. Vung Tau

If you are tired of the cold winter weather in the North region, Vung Tau is a sunny tourist destination and beautiful wind which are waiting for you to explore.

In Vung Tau, there are beautiful places like in Korea where you have to visit such as the paper flower road near “Binh An Village”, Mariana wharf, the coastal road of Long Hai, the sheep farm or the many famous tourist sites which have long been known as Bai Sau, Bai Sau, Kito statue, Shakyamuni Buddha and Bach Dinh .

Vung Tau via

6. Da Lat

Dubbed a dream city, the city of spring for couples love, Da Lat is an ideal destination for couples and visitors in this holiday season.
There is no need to advertise much about Da Lat because this place converges all elements of a romantic resort when there is the cold of the plateau at night, early morning fog or ancient villas in the pine forest. In Da Lat, you also see the appearance of countless flowers. All created a dreamlike natural setting for love couples.

7. The 2018 Countdown Festivals throughout the country

In many big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, it has become a custom at the moment of the New Year’s Eve – the New Year Countdown Festival takes place.

If you want to be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of this ceremony, this year, in Hanoi, there are three countdown points at Nghia Thuc Square, August Revolution Square and Thong Nhat Park area.

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can also visit Le Duan Crossroads, Pasteur Street in District 1 or Nguyen Hue Boulevard with a light banquet or watching low-level fireworks at mid-year transfer. New Year at Dam Sen park.

New Year Countdown Festival will be held in Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh) for the first time. On the night of December 31, New Year’s Eve celebrations were attended by nearly 200 singers, artists, and over 100 audio-visual experts. Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Binh Dinh expects this is a show with the spirit of Tay Son, introducing cultural beauty and people in Binh Dinh.

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