Sea travel in the winter on the New Year Holiday

The New Year Holiday falls in the late winter with light rains in the north and a little cold in the south. Speaking of the sea at this time, it can make many people shiver, but in fact winter sea brings a very poetic impression.

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Going to the sea in the winter and great experiences

If the summer sea is cool with white sand, blue sea and brilliant sunshine, the winter sea becomes peaceful, the mood is a little sad with the wind blowing to the body to cleanse all the bindings in mind . A beautiful beach, without people, only you and your beloved one hand in hand enjoy the sweet wind.  Is it wonderful right?
On the New Year’s holiday, going to the sea in the winter, you will enjoy the most impressive of the quality of the service of the famous tourist spots. In Vietnam, not much tourists choose the sea on these occasions, so you will not be surprised when Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet or Phu Quoc becomes very comfortable on this occasion. With cheap rooms and perfect service, it is easy to take you to the sea trip of high quality in the winter.

Do not forget to take a bicycle along the beach to admire the scenery of winter, yachts in the middle of the sea, squid fishing, fishing with fishermen or simply a camp fire on the beach to have fun with friends, welcome a cold winter morning but warm people in coastal fishing village to understand more about the pace of close and dear life.

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Some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam for the winter

And if you are planning to travel to some beautiful beaches in the winter, let us suggest you the best winter seaside destination!

Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang is considered as the most valuable destination for those who love the sea. It reached the top 99 most beautiful beach in the world. Nha Trang welcomes thousands of international visitors each year, especially, the gentle beauty of ​​blue sea and white sand in the middle of ​​Nha Trang has become an ideal holiday destination of the New Year Holiday.

Bai Dai, Phu Quoc

Bai Dai is the most beautiful beach on the Pearl Island, where the nature is almost pristine and the beach is beautiful like a paradise. The winter in Bai Dai is not the type of cold weather but sunny sunshine. This wild and quiet heaven is the most attractive destination for those who love the sea in the ​​winter.

Ho Coc, Vung Tau

Very near Ho Chi Minh City, it has to mention Ho Coc beach which is extremely charming. The winter here is not cold, you can bathe as usual. Let your loved ones enjoy the wonderful Coco Beach New Year’s holiday on the pristine beach, full of beautiful sunshine like a beautiful marine painting!

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Ca Na Beach, Ninh Thuan

Speaking of beautiful beaches in Ninh Thuan, people cannot forget the splendid beauty of Ninh Chu beach which is brilliant in the summer. However, referring to the beautiful winter sea, we cannot miss Ca Na Beach. The rocky mountains appearing to protrude into the sea and the blue sea surface with white waves breaking into the wind clouds in the end of the cold winter create a wonderful romantic scene. Do you want to travel to this beautiful sea right now?

Halong Bay

It is indeed the cold sea but extremely impressive amidst the majestic mountain scenery on the sea that is hailed as Halong Bay – World Natural Heritage. Cruise on the peaceful beaches, such as Tuan Chau Island, Quan Lan Beach, Bai Chay, Ba Dung Dao Beach, etc., will give you an insight into the excitement of the trip in a beautiful sea at the beginning of the year.

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