Mieu Noi – the destination for Tet holiday in Saigon


This temple is located at the middle of the river so you you have to rent a boat to come here.

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Located in Vam Thuat river, belonged to Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city, Phu Chau Mieu, also known as Mieu Noi (thanks to its unique position and construction) is a sacred and famous site in Saigon.

The ancient temple was built more than 300 years ago, mixed architecture between China and Vietnam. Many dragon shapes are made of fine porcelain. Inside the temple is divided into two rooms: the front hall and the place of worshipping five mothers behind, outside the yard is the worshipping place of the Bodhisattvas.

As legend, in the 18th century, a fishing man picked up a woman and buried it on the island and set up a small shrine to worship. Since then, the life of this man became better. Before 1975, this was the famous pilgrimage site of the people in Saigon but then almost abandoned. In 1989, a Chinese named Lu Xue spent money repairing the temple.

Mieu Noi via Bao du lich


Initially it was only small shrine, after the repair of the merchant, the temple shrink wide. Many trees combine the colors of the shrine to create a colorful landscape. The thrilling anecdotes about the abandoned island have made the shrine become more and more sacred. Although the terrain is difficult to travel but the Mieu Noi welcome many visitors from all over the country to enjoy and burn incense.

Not only unique terrains but pictures of more than 100 small dragons are placed everywhere is also a special point of the shrine. Right at the entrance to the shrine and the main hall are huge dragons.

The dragons are carved and painted in many places inside the temple with many different postures. The most popular are the pictures of the two dragons fighting for the ball at the roof of the shrine. The dragons are carved sophisticatedly, winding to embrace the column. The chambers inside, on the left and right are engraved with many beautiful dragons. The roof of the temple also carved sophisticated with hundreds of thousands of pieces of porcelain to create images of dragons, birds and clouds.

At the beginning of the year, the people came together here, lightning incense to worship for business and peace. At the end of the year, they came back for thanksgiving so the temple is very crowded at this time.

In front of the shrine, some people sell plates of coconut, betel nut and chrysanthemum for the ladies to worship at the temple. After the ceremony, you can stop for a drink or a refreshing drink under the trees behind the temple or buy fish, birds and turtles to release.

Mieu Noi via Bao du lich

In the yard there is a tree with many fruits. Peole coming here can collect the fruit for the fortune. Vam Thuam River is polluted seriously, but the only way to go to the temple is to go at the small wharf next to An Phu Dong ferry. From Go Vap market, you drive along Nguyen Thai Son street to the end of the road, turn to Tran Bao Giao to the parking lot to the shrine. The terrain is not very convenient, but every day there are hundreds of visitors.

The old, sloppy creek runs continuously from shore to shore and vice versa regardless of weekdays. Only rainy days when the boat stop operation. Each person pays 10,000 VND for a return trip.

“When I was young I still followed my mother to the shrine. Now, I go here several times a year to incense and release to pray, this temple is very sacred”said Le Thi Thanh Tu (52 years old, Go Vap District). In 2010, Phu Chau Temple was recognized as a City-level architectural monument.

It ensures that the shrine will become a spiritual cultural tourism destination for many people in and outside Ho Chi Minh City to find in the upcoming time.

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