Hanoi listed in top ten world’s hottest winter vacation spots.


Arccording to Huffington Post, Hanoi capital of Vietnam has been ranked in top ten hottest winter vacation spots in the world together with 9 others around the world.

Hanoi with warm winter and variety of foods makes this thousand year capital city become an attractive destination in winter.

Ancient capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is much more beautiful in the winter when the rivers and cannals are freezed with ices and snows.

The beauties of Reykjavik, capital of Iceland are harmonizing space and natural beauties.

The cultural capital Krakow of Poland with Stare Miasto ancient town listed as wold cultural heritage site by UNESCO 30 years ago.

Tokyo of Japan is lighted in winter with shopping, eating and nightlife activities.

Tallinn in Estonia s famous for a region which has been stored since Middle Age and experiencing for 1000 years developing.

Mumbai in India become cool and dry in the year end.

Edinburg in Scotland is busy and crowded in the winter with many festivals welcoming New Year, ending with a great and colorful road show.

Berlin is coming back as one of cultural centers in the world.

When the world is sleeping in a cold winter, Sydney is shining all day time.