Da Lat Maple Leaf Tourist Area – A unique underground hostel at the price of only 80,000VND


Only from 80,000VND/bed, you will experience a unique stay at the underground hostel in Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area.

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About Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area

Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area is located at 45, Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City. It is built on an area of ​​4.84 hectares officially opened to visitors on May 26th, 2017. It attracts viewers with endemic forests and flowers, architectural works associated with fairy tales and bio-simulation.

Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area was built from the idea of ​​the owner wanting a small “Eden” inside the “Eden” of Da Lat city.

According to Le Thi Ngoc Trinh, the owner, the “male house” has 20 “drum side” made of glass, simulating the water picture which will create different images and colors when the light intensity changes, especially at dawn or sunset …
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Located next to the “male house” is the “female house” – the building began constructing in 2015 and was recently completed, with 132 roofs symbolized for 132 maple leaves on a pyramid background also known as Maple leaf pyramid.

Under the “male house” also has a tunnel to the gate, arranged into an underground hostel with a capacity of 60 people. The building has an old town architecture with porches, windows and street lights. Along the “Old Town” ‘are 148 paintings of the wild flowers of Da Lat, interspersed with terracotta.

The beauty of the underground hostel

First of all, “Eden in the ground“, with a rather fancy design style. Going inside the building is the cafe, and going downstairs is the underground hostel – a place for visitors who want to sleep overnight.
Especially, it is built right in the heart of Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area. The hostel includes bar and 56 dorm beds underground which is suitable for young people who want to enjoy the feeling of discovery. It is also an interesting stopover destination for backpackers. For the delegates. For those who want to find a new feeling, a relaxing experience at the unique hostel, this is the right choice.

As the type of accommodation has never been before in Da Lat, so the hostel “Eden in the ground” of Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area becomes curious for many people. Meticulously in each design, the Vietnamese culture is the both strange and close subject matter, easy to create a new eye-catching space.

Room rates here range from 80,000 VND / person / single bed – 180,000 VND / double bed / 2 persons.

Facing the hostel in the ground are two giant statues – the image of a boy and a girl – placed side by side, looking very quirky and poetic. A bit deeper is the 132-storey roof house, where handicrafts are displayed, as well as a stopover to rest, and catering for visitors.

In front of the house is a small lake with lovely Koi fishes, decorated around with beautiful bonsai trees, creating beautiful natural scenery and poetic.

Going deeper is the forest planting maple trees and many other strange plants. The number of maple trees planted here has helped Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area establish the record of the highest number of hardwood trees in Vietnam.

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Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area currently has over 2,000 Da Lat thoroughbred maple trees, more than 10 years old trees. In the autumn, the whole maple leaves will give visitors a sense of a European fall right in Da Lat with the golden and red color. In addition, there are 20,000 bonsai trees planted to make bonsai embryos, including 950 trees at the age of 17 years old has been styled several times. Many bonsai trees are interwoven in a unique koi pond, creating a beautiful aquarium bonsai garden.

There is a small stream flowing along the forest with clear blue water, making the space more peaceful and quiet strange. A waterfall and a small lake at the end of the trail is another highlight of Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area.

Each corner, a place in the Da Lat Maple Leaf tourist area creates different points, the feeling is different. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to admire, visit, take pictures, drop into the soul of nature to have a relaxing moment full of pleasure. The resort also has an area for camping and picnicking, suitable for family, friends, or team-building activities, etc.

After July 7th, 2017, the fare will be 50,000VND/person. Everyone enlist to enjoy the incentive as well as to experience the new tourist area!

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