Chi stream with the wild beauty


In sunny days, coming to Chi stream to go through the natural forests and swim in the cool stream… the tourists will forget all weariness and worries of the daily life.

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Location and how to get there

Chi stream is located in Hanh Tin Dong commune, Nghia Hanh district, on the provincial way of Quang Ngai city – Nghia Hanh – Ba To, about several kilometers from Quang Ngai city.

If you depart from the city center in the early morning, you can stop at Cho Chua Town to have breakfast with a cup of coffee. Then, you pass through Eo Gio to admire the waterlily blooming in the lake at the foothill. After that, you go straight to Cong Hoa bridge through Hanh Thien commune to Hanh Tin Dong commune in order to find Chi stream in Truong Le village.

If you depart from Mo duc Town, pass through Dong Ngo pass or from Duc Pho to Thach Tru T-junction, Ba Lien commune (Ba To district) – this way is nearer than the firsit one.

Chi stream with the wild beauty via

The beauty of Chi stream

From the provincial way to Chi stream, there is a concrete road with nearly 1 kilometer length which is enough for cars or motorbikes to move. In 2 sides of the road, you can see the beautiful green forests. In June, it is often rainy so the forest is covered by cloves.

At the end of the concrete road is a large car parking near the stream. In here, the tourists can relax or watch the nice sky and wild forest before swimming in the cool stream.

Chi stream has a wild beauty but the most unique feature is the stream where tourists can swim stretches more than 1.1 kilometer flowing through the forest, so you are free to choose the stopover without entercounting suddenly with other groups…

Chi stream is located in the natural forest belonged to the project of sustainable forest restoration and management (KFW6) funded by the Federal Republic of Germany with the area of over 1,000 hectares. This place owns Nui Lon – one of the historical attractions attaced to the brave Ba To guerrilla team.

The Ba To guerrilla team from Cao Muon Mountain before August 1945 went to Trung Chau to set up Hoang Hoa Tham base, before settling on the lowland, contributing to the successful August Revolution in Quang Ngai. At the edge of the stream, there is an engineering workshop and thí place still remains traces of the guerrillas training.

Many young people often do not stop at this point (where anti-French guerrillas Ba To set up the engineer workshop), go through a path to the east, across the forest to feel the wilderness of forests; hear the birds singing and the sound of flowing water.

Many people are grateful for the Konia trees with hundreds of years old or occasionally catch the wild flowers growing in the forest. Many visitors to the sea are also surprised when seeing Dau Rai trees with yellow resin that local people use to fill the boats and baskets.

It takes about a few tens of minutes along the stream to cross more than one kilometer. The Waterfall is about 24m high. In the summer, the sun is shining into the stream as white as silver.

Above the path leading up to the head of the waterfall is the rocks and clear water. Tourists stop walking down the rock before dropping into the cool water. Many people take the cords to tie down with cans of beer and drop into the stream for about 10 minutes then bring up to feel the cool water in.

Chi stream with the wild beauty via

Also by the wild stream, there is no ticket and no service, so visitors to this place must bring their own food and drink. After a cool bath, enjoying food with relatives, friends, visitors can hammock by the stream to take a short break.
In the afternoon, on the way back, visitors feel more clearly the wilderness of streams and mountains and usually, everyone wants to come back.

Mr. Phan Binh – Secretary and Chairman of People’s Committee of Nghia Hanh District – said Chi stream was included in the tourism planning of the province. The locals are calling for investment. Drawing on experience from other tourist destinations, the district attaches importance to preserving the wildness of the stream, enhancing the protection of natural forests. Absolutely not let the construction break the environmental landscape.

According to Mr Dao Thanh Cong, Chairman of Commune People’s Committee of Hiep Tin Commune, Nghia Hanh District, visitors to Chi streams are increasingly demanding environmental sanitation.

Local authorities have also agreed to allow a household to keep vehicles for guests and participate in cleaning the area. In the hot summer season, visitors are much crowed so every month the Youth Union in the commune organizes groups to clean this area.

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