Beautiful poetic scenes at Huong pagoda

Huong Pagoda is known as a complex of relics and scenic spots in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi. Being famous as a sacred pagoda, Huong pagoda is considered as a spiritual tourist destination in Hanoi which is visited by many people, especially in the early spring of the new year.

The beauty of Huong pagoda

So in Huong pagoda, is there something interesting that attracts many tourists both inside and outside the country? Let’s learn about it!
Perfume Pagoda or full name of Huong Son Pagoda, is a complex of scenic relics with many temples, pagodas and communal houses, surrounded by majestic and wild water.
The scenery in this place is so poetic that many visitors praise and admire. Thus, it has long been considered that Huong Pagoda is an ideal destination for Buddhists in the early months of the year, especially during the festive season.
To explore the beautiful scenery in Huong Pagoda, you have to go on the river for a long time. From Duc Wharf, you do boat excursion on the Yen stream to Tro Wharf and come back.
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Many people wonder why they do not build walking paths or bridges so that people and visitors are more active. However, if it happends, visitors also no longer feel the special features that the landscape here own and was awarded by the nature.

At this point, you only have one way to sit on the boat under the hands of skilled boat riders. They will take you to explore the temple on the mountains, separated by the winding river. Yen stream brings a gentle beauty between two mountains with soft curves.
You will feel new and exciting when sitting on the river in harmony with nature to feel the wild beauty of the landscape here. From the boat, you will admire the mountains and the hills which are covered by the green trees, the feel of the wind, sunshine, water and plants.
Not only that, when passing through the Yen stream, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the glorious beauty of flowers along the river. Each bunch of red flower blaze on the dark sky background looks like small fire spots dispel the cold of the North in the early days of the year.

Destinations the tourists should not miss

You will be transported to the rest of the temple, the temple is extremely ancient. Some of the stops that you must visit such as Trinh Temple, Huong Tich Temple, Thien Tru Pagoda, and Tien Son cave.
Trinh Temple is located right on the bank of the Yen stream, about 500m from the wharf. The small temple was built beautifully and had a meaningful presentation of reporting the forest guard, holding the door when someone wants to enter the temple.
Going deep inside, Huong Tich Cave is considered as the main destination of the tourists here. At the height of 390m, Huong Tich Cave is considered as the center of Huong pagoda.
In the past, travelers wishing to climb to this place had to walk through many steps with steep slopes, but now, with the modern cable car, you can easily walk and sit in the cable car and look down, enjoy the poetic beauty of the river and the temple with the beautiful architecture, surely it will be an unforgettable experience.
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Do not just stop there because you will be even more surprised with the beauty of the limestone caves here. With different small stalactites, beauty in shape, beauty in the whole block, hanging down from above, rising from below, looking like the masterpieces of nature, it will be the scene you do not want to miss.

As such, you will have the opportunity to explore every corner of Huong pagoda, admire the ancient architecture interwoven with modern and charming scenery of the temple, mountain and wonder why in the crooked mountains and paths are so difficult that they can build so perfect works.
Try to close your eyes and feel the fresh air, you will find here peaceful and strange. No longer the tired, chaos and rush of everyday life. Only comfortable feeling, the aroma, the grass, the wind, the water and the sky. That is why so many Buddhists come here.

With the so poetic and lyrical beauty, Huong Pagoda will definitely be the ideal destination for you during the Lunar New Year.

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