5 eco-tourism destinations near Saigon on the National holiday (P2)


>>Ca Mau Cape World Biosphere Reserve

Cable tourism resort in Ho May, Vung Tau

The Ho May Cable Car is located in the middle of Vung Tau City, so it is easy to move here. Take the cable car to Ho May resort, you have the opportunity to participate in the modern games such as aircraft, rotary horses, rotating seats, tram cars, swinging death lines, climbing, slopes technology Germany Horseback riding, horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, water polo, etc. This place promises a lot of exciting activities for a 2-3 night stay.

Especially, the water park has a sliding track of up to 60 m and a 30 m high sliding track that creates a strong feeling. Upon reaching the top of Big Mountain, you will have a panoramic view of Vung Tau City from above. Take a walk in the woods, visit bird and deer farms… which is very attractive.

Vinh Sang river tourist resorts

Vinh Sang river tourist resort, Vinh Long

Located on An Binh island, Vinh Sang tourist area is considered as a mini “Mekong Delta” attracting tourists from Saigon, with water scenery and tourism services associated with the idyllic activities in the life of the people in the southwestern region of the country. From Vinh Long city to An Binh ferry taking about 10 minutes, you will get lost in a cool space with Orchards Vinh Sang which is like a miniature garden with many rare animals such as Peacock, bear, deer, ostrich…

Visiting Vinh Sang tourist area, visitors can take part in interesting games such as crocodile fishing, enjoy the thrill of riding ostriches in Africa, crossing the bridge to take presents, playing grass carts or ride a bike around the village line, rowing on canals or picking up fish in the traditional costume and enjoy the trophy just caught. In addition, the melody of the singer is also always enthralled people.

Madagui Tourism Area

Located on the frontage of Highway 20, 152km from Ho Chi Minh City, Madagui Tourism area is located in the hills with beautiful natural scenery, cool climate, surrounded by a system of rivers, caves and caves together with the rich flora – plants.

The Madagui Forest Resort has all the elements for guests to enjoy, organize fun activities, picnics and explore the wildlife of the wilderness. Forest tourism is always interesting because it is not stereotyped and boring. Here is something that is a bit wild. The rocks of the mountains and trees of the forest are the characteristics of this area.

In addition to the nature of the mountains, the Madagui Resort also caters for the needs of recreational activities such as “Paintball”, canoeing, kayaking, cave exploring, swimming, gong music, camp fire, horse riding, fishing, shooting range, biking, karaoke, sauna, massage… In here, there are always attractive programs designed to suit every occasion in the year.

Buu Long tourist area

Buu Long Tourist Area, Dong Nai Province

Just about 50km from Ho Chi Minh City, 6km from Bien Hoa City, 84 hectares of Buu Long Resort is considered an ideal destination for Saigon for every Tet holiday. Buu Long is also in favor of “Halong Bay of the South” because of romantic, lyrical mountains and rivers.

The scenic area has two main clusters: Binh Dien mountain cluster and Long Son Thach Dong mountain. Standing on the mountain of Binh Dien, visitors can see the whole scenery of a Bien Hoa city and many rice fields.

Going to Buu Long tourist area, you can explore the 35m high oasis located in the middle of the lake where clusters of dozens of rare bird species, or ducklings around the lake, visiting miniatures such as stone dragon, mermaid, Rong houses … or mountain climbing, camping in shady trees and enjoying many delicious delicacies.

Coming here, visitors will have the feeling of returning to fresh nature. In addition, Buu Long is also a spiritual destination to attract tourists on the occasion of Tet. Buu Long has an ancient and sacred Buu Phong temple and Long Son Thach Dong cave (also known as Hang Pagoda) with many stalactites. The architecture and many Buddhist creeds have enriched the pilgrimage festival here.

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