5 eco-tourism destinations near Saigon on the National holiday (P1)


These are ecotourism sites near Saigon, where you can experience leisure activities, immerse yourself in the natural setting or simply relax, relax in a short time, 1 to 2 days of the upcoming National holiday.

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Can Gio Ecological Park

This ecological area is considered to be the green lung of the city, famous for mangroves, Dam Doi, Tram Chim or beaches suitable for resting on a weekend or Tet holidays.

Just over 50km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio is a lush oasis with mangrove landscapes such as Dam Doi, Tram Chim or Monkey Island. Beaches are also suitable for short breaks on weekends or holidays. Can Gio is famous for first of all seafood such as crabs, shrimp, snails, especially clams. Most of the clam is cultured in natural environment so it tastes very well.

If you want to bathe, you can take a boat to Vam Sat tourist resort to crocodile fishing and wading in the blue sea of ​​30/4 beach.

Dai Nam tourist area, Binh Duong province

Located 40km from Saigon and belonging to Binh Duong, Dai Nam tourist area is an entertainment destination, suitable for families. This is a complex of amusement parks, artificial beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains and hotels … for visitors to have fun or just relax. In addition, the resort also has a “zoo” with a variety of rare animals such as lions, zebras, peacocks, hippopotamus, squirrel monkeys, etc. In addition, those who like the adventurous game, this is also the ideal point.

Giang Dien waterfall

Giang Dien Waterfall Tourist Area, Dong Nai

Located less than 50km from Ho Chi Minh City, Giang Dien Waterfall (Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province) is considered a new ecotourist weekend destination that is quite new and attractive to young visitors on weekends.

Not as great as the falls in the Central Highlands, but due to the terrain is wide, open, the cascade stretches many boulders on the top creating many streams and white foam. It’s very beautiful and romantic. There is a large campus surrounded by shady trees, with soft green grass.

Giang Dien is a tourist resort with many diverse terrains: waterfalls, islets, campsites, ecological zones … suitable for all types of entertainment such as teamwork, picnic, camping and family gathering.

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O – Dong Truong Island, Dong Nai

O and Dong Truong island are two islands located in the heart of Tri An Lake (Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province). It is an ecotourism destination near Ho Chi Minh City, very attractive by river, forest, trees, flowers and excellent specialties.

Located in the heart of the lake, not far from the mainland, however, the island of O is like an isolated oasis. On the area of ​​2.2 hectares, Dong Nai Tourism Company has cleverly coordinated the natural scene that created a beautiful resort.

O island 

Setting foot on the island, visitors are surprised in front of green foliage, hundreds of blooming flowers. The road around the island at times shady trees, flutter butterflies and windswept. The sandy beach at the end of the surf is still where you can soak up in the clear blue water. There is a 15 meter water slide for those who love to find the thrills. In addition, there are fun games such as canoe, water motor, dart or playing chess…

Villa H2O

With an area of ​​nearly 2 hectares, only the city center of HCM 18 km, Villa H2O is probably the nearest tourist destination of Saigon. Villa H2O is the ideal place to meet friends and relatives or to take your family to relax, enjoy and enjoy delicious European and Vietnamese specialties.

Villa H2O is suitable for weekends or holidays. Visitors to H2O will be an interesting experience of typical living space in Southern Vietnam with many familiar sounds: hammock on the side of the hut, fish bounce on the water surface … and the familiar images of the countryside. Beside scenic scenery, there are also ample entertainment services such as fishing, swimming, beach volleyball, tennis, karaoke, boat cruises…

To be continued…