4 attractive destination for the New Year Holiday 2018


The travel season at the end of the year is very busy because of the wonderful days in the New Year Holiday. The weather at the end of the winter all over the country is characterized by drizzly rains, so what is the best place to go?

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Bustling Saigon

You do not need to go too far if you and your beloved ones are living in the bustling Ho Chi Minh city which welcomes thousands of tourists each year, it is the most attractive places for the New Year Holiday. Coming to Saigon in this occasion, you will have the opportunity to admire the splendid light and beautiful ornaments to welcome Christmas and New Year. Maybe, Saigon is the best place to avoid the cold winter in the period from Chirstmas to New Year Eve.

Some popular destinations when coming to Saigon at the New Year Holiday: Independent Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Center Post Office. In addition, you can take part in festivals and art programs to welcome the new year and firework party at the New Year Eve on Saigon river.

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Beautiful Da Nang

Da Nang is called “the most worth living city”, “Singapore in Vietnam” and “the cheapest tourist city”. It becomes an attractive choice for the domestic and international tourists in the New Year Holiday. Coming to Da Nang in the New Year Holiday, many interesting things wait for you. In Da Nang, you should spend time admiring the magnificence of bridges, Dragon Bridge spraying fire and water – Thuan Phuoc bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam – the rotating bridge of Han river which are enough to take you to a modern and civilized city to the beat of the world.

The atmostphere welcoming the New Year in Da Nang is as bustling as that in Ho Chi Minh city, coming to Da Nang at this time, you will feel free to explore the majestic beauty of Marble Mountain, enjoy “Da Lat in the central region” in Ba Na – Nui Chua, visit Linh Ung pagoda, discover the excitement of the entertainment area in Asia Park, walk on the beautiful My Khe beach and try some famous Da Nang specialties in the winter. Is it so exciting right?

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Glitter Sapa in the smog

At the end of the winter, Sapa is very beautiful in smog and cold weather. Sometimes, if you are lucky, coming to Sapa in the winter, you will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful landscape of snow, which is so romantic. Do not be surprised if you encounter the image of snowman or Christmas tree which seems that you are lost in the traveling paradise in European.

Visiting this “mountainous girl” with the wild beauty in the Northwest plateau, you will go through the majestic pass route and an amazing O Quy Ho in the afternoon which are enough to make you remember about the nice plateau like this. Let’s go to Sapa to enjoy the cozy Chirstmas atmostphere of people and landscape!

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Da Lat – the city of thousand flowers

In the cold winter, traveling to Da Lat in New Year Holiday is a very wonderful choice. In spite of the cold weather in Chirstmas and New Year Holiday, Da Lat are still colorful in the beauty of thousand flowers. In the city of the romantic love, the peaceful city and the cool weather in the land of thousand flowers are the wonderful things for an interesting walk.

Every 2 years, at the end of the year, in Da Lat, the Flower Festival is held. It will be an interesting event you should not miss when coming to Da Lat in the New Year Holiday. It is a great festival to honor flowers planting in Da Lat. It is the time when Da Lat flower city has the best weather in the year.

The festival is the opportunity to display many kinds of vegetables, flowers and bonsais in the locality as well as honor many kinds of flowers in other regions in the country and in abroad with the aim of attracting travelers to visit and relax in Da Lat and promoting the economic development of the city.

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