3 natural tourist spots you should go in Vietnam


This is a difficult road, so in the group necessarily have a hard, experienced and knowledgeable leader about Ha Giang or at least once traveled here once.

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Ha Giang – Where the love begins

This is a difficult road, so in the group necessarily have a hard, experienced and knowledgeable leader about Ha Giang or at least once traveled here once.
Going to Ha Giang, you can visit Quan Ba ​​to see the sky gate, double mountain, visit Yen Minh to see the most beautiful pine forest of Vietnam, visit a house in “Stories of Pao”, visit the table – one of the main gate Ha Giang (the landmark of Viet Trung) with roofs of yin-yang tiles bearing bold appearance of the Chinese. Then, visit Dong Van Plateau to test the courage of visitors by the mountain abyss to pile up, in exchange, you are immersed in the majestic nature, drop in soul in the sound of Khen in the market session of the villagers, eat Thang co, drink corn wine, buy brocade and especially dried buffalo meat … Arrive in Ha Giang to let the soul to cloud, harmony in the joy of indigenous people
It is said that if not yet coming to Lung Cu, it is not coming to Dong Van, because Lung Cu is “the roof of Vietnam” where “bent face to earth, face to touch heaven”. Climbing Lung Cu flagpole can collapse a whole world view from above.
In addition, exploring the Ma Phi Leng Pass, which is dubbed the Pass of Love, one of the four great passes also gives the player an exciting feeling. It will certainly make you unable to leave this remote place.
If traveling from Hanoi, families can also choose a car as a means of transportation and the ticket price is 150,000 VND / one way. As there is no motorbike rental service in Ha Giang, if you want to take the initiative, you can bring along your own motorbike at the price of 350,000 including motorcycles. Hostel prices in Ha Giang range from 150-200,000VND. Expected cost for the trip is at least 300,000 VND / day / person.
Ha Giang

Si Ma Cai – destination for those who adventurous

For those who adventurous, the Bac Ha – Muong Khuong – Si Ma Cai Street is an exciting challenge for the adventurous, passionate travelers and explorers.

Looking at the map, Si Ma Cai is like a small crest lying idlly by the Chay River across the border between Vietnam and China. The road winds over the mountains connected to it, sometimes squeezed clouds drifting away.

Not as “lucky” as the “brother” Sa Pa located on the front of the favorable for tourists and in favor of the highest mountain in the Indochinese Peninsula – Phanxipang, Si Ma Cai lies quietly hidden in the corner of the Chay River. If chosen to do a tour again, many will choose Si Ma Cai rather Sa Pa because of the wildness, charm and friendliness of the people here.

Normally, young people will explore, experience self-sufficient motorcycle trip, to understand the feeling of narrow hearted, narrow streets with many corners fold. But if you want to save time and rest for energy, you can also choose the train (Hanoi – Lao Cai) with the price of 88,000 VND / pm / hard seat.

The cost for the trip is not much 150,000 VND / day / person, depending on the payment and needs of eating, playing, entertainment of the members during the experience.

Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot

With the cold air like Dalat, it seems that the unspoiled Ban Me Thuot Mountain has a strange attraction. Talking to Buon Ma can not fail to mention the majestic Draysap waterfall, a Buon Don welcome visitors in the smell of coffee flower, or just enjoy the specialties Lam rice – Grilled Chicken to hear the flowing water of the line Serepok; The wind howling, the joyful laugh of the footsteps pendulum swing.

A special pleasure only in Buon Don – riding the elephant national YokDon forest, or boating boat on Dak Min river, the wood carpentry, the eyes of ethnic people, the herd of cow and goat, Srepok river. 

Just going to Buon Don to sip a cup of mountain coffee or drink a glass of wine, listening to the gong and eating all the grilled pork + sticky rice cooked from glutinous rice of the Ede ethnic are enough not to waste your trip.

From HCM city, you can call many private car companies to take the place and the car will take you to where you requested in the city of Buon Ma Thuot, prices from about 100 to 180,000 per person / pax. Many Northerners often enjoy exploring the Central Highlands on their own motorbikes to slowly drop their vehicles along the way to immense meadows, watch wooden houses, wooden fences and Goat chewing the grass, enjoy the sun and the wind.

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