2 famous natural tourist destinations in Vietnam


* With a group of friends for backpacking
Prior to each trip, the backpackers must determine the destination in advance within a month. Unlike tours, in backpacking, individuality is absolute. The destinations of the backpacking are often new discoveries and interesting vehicles are usually motorbikes to conquer the arduous and dangerous roads. The similarity of backparkers never goes on a road. They often find the neighboring points to close round.

>>Attractive destinations in the North on Tet holiday 2017

As the holidays this year, on April 30, the group is looking for wilderness mountains, finding joy on the road and spreading with nature.

Mr Viet, operator of Lotusia Travel Company (2/62 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi) is also a “senior” in the DDC backpacking travel group (go to the end) said: Different from the tour with the default program available, the backpacking has the advantage of completely controlling the destination, schedule as well as the taste of eating, entertainment options by location”.
He also shared the limitations of traveling with the backpacking are taking a long time to learn about the way as well as booking services to ensure a successful, safe and enjoyable journey.

Moc Chau – The flowers plateau

People come to Moc Chau to relax after the weekend: Wandering on the hills which are also blooming flowers, watching the blue sky in the cage from above, tiptoeing through the mossy rocks of Bibb river waterfall, being curious with the bat, or simply sipping a little the taste of cool early frost which is still melted throughout the cave in the alley of this land.

It can be said, the atmosphere in Moc Chau is one of the rare and precious gift of this land. The cool summer plateau area will be cold in the fall, freezing in the winter and warm in the spring when the spring is no longer a strange name to friends when the season returns.

Moc Chau

Many couples come here to take a wedding photo, someone just to relax the weekend, reward yourself with a light breakfast with a glass of freshly boiled fresh milk and fragrant croissant cheap price, taking each other beautiful pictures in the sky in full color in the white garden, sunflower garden, orchid garden, the pink tree at the berries or on the green tea hills…

If you go from Hanoi, you can catch the Hanoi – Son La bus (at Ha Dong bus station, reference price is 115,000 dong). Room price at Union Hotel – Moc Chau farm is about 250,000 VND / room for two beds. The minimum total cost for a trip to Moc Chau is about 1 million – 1.2 million VND / person / 3 days.

Ba Be Lake – Ban Gioc Waterfall

The ancient lake Ba Be (Bac Kan province) is called “the first natural lake”. Renting a rustic boat floating in the middle of the night on Ba Be Lake is a strange and wonderful thing. In the enamel of the wine, the grilled fish and the sweetness of the lips … biscuits, taken to sip on the boat, visitors will feel the difference of the landscape here.

Compared to Halong Bay, where there are mountains in the sea, here, Ba Be has sea on the mountain. It’s something different and unique. Leaving on the canoe on Ba Be Lake offers visitors a new feeling

Ba Be lake

Ba Be is about 300km from Hanoi and 50km from Bac Can. From Hanoi, you can either take a motorbike or take a bus to Bac Can (Gia Lam wharf) and then take the car to Cho Ra town. Prices range from VND20,000 to VND30,000. Guests can eat in the town, the room price from 100,000-150,000 / double room or stay at the guesthouse of Ba Be National Park costing from 150,000 to 200,000 VND / room. Guests can also stay at the Tay stilt house in Pac Ngoi, P Lu with the price of 20,000 – 50,000 VND / person (sharing bed).

After staying overnight in Cao Bang, in the next morning, visitors can visit Ban Gioc Waterfall – the most beautiful waterfall, the most spectacular waterfall in Vietnam on the border of Viet Trung. On sunny days, the sun shines into the cascade through the dusty rain that makes the rainbow poetry, sparkling, fanciful.

Expected cost for the minimum trip is about 550,000 VND / person / 3 days.

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