10 dangerous ledges in Vietnam

For a nice picture on the cliffs in Phu Quy, Ba Den mountain or Pha Luong, the backpackers not only need to be brave but also be careful.

The ledge in Phu Quy island

It is photographed by Pham Luong, from Ho Chi Minh City, taken at the cliff of Phu Quy island, Binh Thuan. This is where many visitors choose to conquer the panoramic view of Cu Lao Thu. You move to the foot of Cao Cat Mountain then walk the stone steps to Linh Son Pagoda and mountain peaks.
Nearby it is a well-known rock with rugged rocks stretching out of the mountain. Thanks to the beautiful view and the majestic landscape, many young people come to take pictures, check-in, even wedding records. The cliff is located on the top of Cao Cat, about 100 meters above sea level.

The ledge on Ba Den mountain

At the roof of the South East region, Ba Den Mountain, in Tay Ninh, travel blogger Le Xuan Cuong (Cuong Ly) also revealed another adventures shooting point. He said that the cliff is also known as the head turtle in Ba Den Mountain. The rock is on the way from Ba Pagoda to the top of the mountain. You can go by the way of Wat Pagoda about an hour. Cuong also noted that this rock is quite dangerous so you must be very careful when taking pictures.

The ledge on Ba Den mountain via Mr Lonely

The ledge on Lao Than mountain

The new porcupine stone is shared by Facebooker Bo Him on the way to the top of Lao Thang, the roof of 3 communes: Y Ty, Bat Xat and Lao Cai. This is known locally as the “rock wave” looking toward the dawn valley and the mountain of Nhiu Co San. According to the author, the “rock wave” is near the first camp site when the trek of Lao Than peak, at an altitude of about 2,400 m. From here to the peak, it takes averagely about an hour.

Also in Y Ty, the road to Ngai Thau Thuong, Manh Phi encountered a dangerous cliff. Ngai Thau Commune is also a popular cloud hunting ground for backpackers. From Ngai Thau, visitors can look down under the Thien Sinh valley.

The ledge in Pha Luong

The rock in Pha Luong, Son La is the most famous and well known ledge. Pha Luong peak is 70 km from Moc Chau, located at an altitude of nearly 2,000 m. From Pha Luong peak, visitors can see the natural border between Vietnam and Laos.

The ledge on Tua Xua mountain

The turtle head in Ta Xua, Yen Bai is also a challenging place for people. The road to Ta Xua has a lot of difficult segments, so the time for conquering may be up to 4 hours. The rock is located at a height of over 2,000 m.

The ledge on Tua Xua mountain via Vi sao nen di du lich?

The ledge on Ma Pi Leng

The ledge in Ma Leng, Ha Giang is a check-in point which cannot be ignored when the tourits come to the plateau. From here, visitors have a spectacular view down the Nho Que River. This area has been built observation tower, limiting visitors to the rock and have a safer view. However, with so many people, the feeling of courage to take pictures on the cliff is still an unforgettable moment.

The ledge in Thach That

Near Hanoi, the stone in Thach That also made the community of backpackers to be overcrowded. In fact, this cliff is not really scary because it is only about 5 meters from the ground. Because of the angle, the picture can deceive the viewer with a sense of distraction and risk.

Mom luc lac

The stones are stacked as if fallen by the only slightly touching, this is called “Mom luc lac”, located in Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh. In fact, many groups of young people have climbed up here. However, the road to the cliff is hard to find, go through the forest and cross two hills. Although no accidents have occurred but the advice for young people is not so risky just to have a nice picture.

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